20mph speed limit introduction will encourage the next generation of Welsh drivers to be safer, says learner insurer

With the 20mph speed limit introduction for restricted roads in Wales coming into force from the 17th of September, learner driver insurer, Veygo is highlighting the long-term effects this will have for motorists’ attitudes and the benefit for the next generation of drivers.

From Sunday, motorists and learner drivers in Wales will see a change from 30mph to 20mph in most restricted roads, which are residential or built-up areas with a lot of people. It has also been suggested that the same could apply to several boroughs in London too, if the Mayor’s plans go ahead for later this year.

“If – or more likely, when – the reduction of 30mph zones to 20mph happens UK-wide, it’ll create a generation of much safer drivers in the UK” – says Veygo’s CEO, James Armstrong.


Will this make drivers more attentive?


James Armstrong, CEO of learner driver insurer Veygo says: “For most experienced drivers, adapting from 30mph to 20mph will be a bit of an initial challenge to rewire an instinctive driving mindset in built-up areas. However, the long-term positive impacts will be seen in those who are currently learning to drive; this law change should create a new generation of motorists who have a much slower approach to road speed, better awareness of pedestrians, and all-round safer driving habits.

It’s a great milestone for Wales to be the first UK nation to make this change, as well as being one of the earliest adopters in the world. It’s likely that once the positive effects – like reduced noise pollution, fewer pedestrian accidents, and reduced NHS impact – are felt, this could be rolled out UK-wide too. It’s important for all learners and motorists to keep on top of driving rules and updated laws, as these can often change to improve road safety.”


Will driving test routes change?

According to the latest DVSA data on driving tests for the 2022-2023 period[1], Veygo found that 73,010 tests have been conducted in Wales across its 19 test centres. So, how does this new speed limit impact learners?

Learner drivers practising for an upcoming test, could potentially notice a change to test routes in the future. When speaking to the DVSA, a spokesperson told Veygo: “Driving test centre and routes are kept under constant review to make sure driving tests continue to test the ability of candidates to drive safely and independently.”


Advice for learner drivers

Veygo’s CEO James Armstrong adds: “Not all restricted roads will change to 20mph, so it’ll be incredibly important for drivers to take note of road signs rather than relying on memory. For learners, we are advising that they try new roads and areas to avoid practising only on familiar test routes; this will build reliance on road signs for instructions and boost attentiveness. We are urging learners and their parents to check out our guidance to ensure they stay on the right side of the law when practising new routes to avoid £1,000 fines and provisional licence points.”