When it comes to skincare, it appears that just about everyone is an expert on the subject these days.

Many people blindly follow skincare routines online. However, many times something that works specifically for the person who wrote the original article, may not work for you.

Remember, your skin-type isn’t the only influencing factor when it comes to maintaining a healthy complexion and great, vibrant look, as outside factors also come into play. Do you live in a super polluted city? How often do you exercise and sweat?

There are also those who don’t consider a skincare routine to be all that important. As a result, they end up making damaging mistakes to their skin. These can be detrimental, especially in the long-run, but they can easily be avoided.

Looking to find your own personal skincare improvement? Here are four skincare routine mistakes to avoid in the future.

Products are changed too often

Just as most of the body operates, our skin too has a cycle and the effects of using any product won’t be seen immediately, i.e. after one single face wash.

What many people tend to do is change their product only after a few days of using it, without giving enough time to see the effects, switching to another.

Not only are you probably wasting your money on tons of different products, but using a variety of chemicals and ingredients is bad for your skin. Natural luxury skincare products can be difficult to find, but if that’s something that appeals to you, you could find some at https://misumiskincare.com/, along with guides like this one that can make finding the perfect product for you much easier.

It also pays to use only one product at a time, and by this, we mean the varying products you choose to include in your skincare routine such as a face wash or toner. Start off slowly with a daily face wash and moisturiser, then notice how your skin reacts. From here you can gradually begin to add in other product types into your routine, giving you enough time to take note of the effects, if any or none at all.


Not understanding your skin type

We all have different skin types which have been categorised to make skincare and beauty products easier to identify with, and you might relate to more than one. These include:

  • Normal Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Combination Skin
  • Dry Skin

It’s really important that you get to know your skin type, as it helps you avoid any chemicals or ingredients that may irritate your skin.

More importantly, you will know what type of skincare products you should be looking out for. Let’s say for example that you have always assumed you have oily skin. What many don’t realise is that oily skin is also, in fact, dry and lacking in moisture, thus it becomes dehydrated. By treating your skin as an ‘oily-type’, you could make this problem worse.


Not washing face before bed

This is probably the easiest mistake to make, but super important, and one of the simplest of them all.

Take a second to think about each individual activity that you’ve completed so far today…now think of how many different places you’ve visited today along with that…

As a society, we’re always on the go, and naturally, there’s a build-up of dirt and bacteria accumulating on the face throughout the day. Car fumes, city-dwelling, dust, or long hours in the office with makeup on your skin…these are just a few of the different types of bacteria and pollutants that you are exposing to your face.

If you do wash your face in the evening, it’s also helpful to remember that there’s still bacteria/dirt that can build-up in a short amount of time, such as oil spats from deep-frying something delicious in the kitchen. It pays to rather wash your face just before you go to bed instead of a few hours before.

On that note, seemingly random at first but in fact a very useful tip, it’s also super beneficial to swap your pillowcase every few days. This is because dirt and bacteria transfer onto these fabric surfaces every time the skin comes into contact with them. Pillowcases actually store dust created by epithelium (cell tissue) and these can create skin blemishes or skin rashes.


Too much exfoliation

Your skin actually contains a natural moisture barrier, but it can be destroyed quite easily, especially if you’re one who loves to exfoliate.

You can exfoliate too much and it becomes damaging to the skin as some exfoliates contain harsh ingredients that can damage your skin and that natural moisture barrier, especially if sensitive.

We recommend only exfoliating once a week, and remember to use a gentle chemical exfoliator if possible as these promote healthy skin cell growth. After exfoliation and a clean face, immediately apply a moisturiser to lock in the, well, moisture.