Paul Popham Running Club (PPRC) celebrated its eighth Annual Christmas Awards Night at Morgans Hotel in Swansea on November 24, announcing an exceptional fundraising milestone this year, collecting a remarkable £4,330. This brings the cumulative total raised since its establishment in 2016 to over £15,000.

The funds raised will be utilised to provide a memorable experience for children and their families battling kidney disease on December 17, 2023, when 50 kidney patients will experience a performance of Aladdin at the Wales Millennium Centre. The Annual Christmas Awards Night showcased the club’s commitment to acknowledging member achievements and also its dedication to raising money for kidney patients across Wales.

Founded in 2016 by sisters Claire and Joanne Popham, Paul Popham Running Club was set up in their father’s honour and homage to his passion for running. Since then, it has evolved into a thriving community with over 150 members of diverse abilities and has raised a total of over £15,000 for Popham Kidney Support.

The club’s inception aimed to promote the physical and emotional well-being of Swansea residents through innovative “Learn2Run” programmes. Initially based on the couch-to-5k principle, these programmes have become instrumental in fostering a love for running among participants, resulting in a dedicated and growing membership base.

Paul Popham Running Club offers a variety of programmes throughout the year, fostering a dynamic and inclusive running community. The club boasts a total of five distinct programmes annually, each tailored to cater to diverse interests and abilities.

Popham Kidney Support, the club’s charitable arm, benefits annually from the club’s fundraising initiatives. Notably, the annual 5k Series, the Swansea Bay Summer 5k, the Where’s Wally Run, and the recently concluded Annual Christmas Awards Night contribute to a collective effort to support kidney-related issues.


Claire Popham, Co-Founder of PPRC, expressed her gratitude, saying:

“We are thrilled to see our members’ dedication not only to their running journeys but also to making a positive impact in our community. The funds raised this year will undoubtedly bring joy to the lives of those facing the challenges of kidney disease, aligning perfectly with the spirit of the festive season.”


Joanne Popham, Popham Kidney Support CEO, and Co-Founder and Chair of Paul Popham Running Cub, said:

“The running club is filled with social, fun-loving people who recognise the benefits that running can bring to their physical and emotional wellbeing, while also creating a social environment. Every year, members support the club and charity’s development. They either take part in one of the club’s events, volunteer, or help organise it. The £4330 is an amazing amount and does not include the sponsorship that individuals raise for races they take part in on behalf of the charity – our members truly make the running club a family.”


Stephen Arnold, Vice Chair, Paul Popham Running Club, said:

“Being part of this family-friendly club that supports a great cause is wonderful. We are lucky indeed.”


Simon Treharn, Fundraising Secretary, Paul Popham Running Club, said:

‘’We organise many fundraising initiatives throughout the year, all members get behind the initiatives with enthusiasm. We started a lottery for the club members and in its first year, it raised over £1000, all while also enabling members to become lottery winners!”


Lynne Orton, Chair of Trustees, Popham Kidney Support, said:

“The PPRC donates funds to the charity annually, and we are very lucky to have such a band of runners who also understand how charities need their support.”

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