Living in Wales is wonderful as it offers a great quality of life where you get to witness mesmerizing sceneries, ancient histories, and of course the unique language. 

If you are residing in Wales, then you know that golf is a popular sport as it has over 200 courses all across the country. With COVID cases reduced in the country, the Welsh government has given green light for golf clubs to open, however, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed

The best thing about golf is that it’s never a better time to learn this exciting and complex sport. For many people, this game is a hobby while for some it’s an obsession. Learning this game seems simple but it can be quite intimidating. For those who are interested in learning about golf, there are several things an individual should equip himself with. 

In this article, we have listed 5 things every beginner golfer should know, so keep reading to know more.


Find the Right Teacher 

If you are planning to learn to golf by yourself it can be a daunting process because you are new to the sport. However, with the right backup, you will not only learn the sport but also improve your game much quicker. The right teacher or instructor is exactly what you need as they can guide you in the right direction. 

There are different types of teachers out there that use different techniques to equip students, find the one that fits according to your ability to understand. In any case, you need to be focused and comfortable with your trainer where you can ask all the questions even though it sounds stupid. Remember, even the best golfers in the world started at the bottom. 

Know Your Clubs 

Well, isn’t it obvious that without clubs you just cannot play golf! Having the right equipment is essential as it will allow you to have a great time on the golf course. You may have heard that these clubs can be quite expensive, however, it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is choose the ones that work great for you and it does not have to be an expensive brand. 

When you start golfing you must focus on beginner clubs as they are easier to hit compared to others. You are allowed to carry upto 14 clubs at once, but as a newbie, a putter, driver, and sand wedge will suffice. Start with these and as you grow you can opt for better clubs. If you are looking for some of the best hybrid golf clubs, check the Left Rough today to know more. 


Study the Rules 

Just like any other sport, you must learn the different rules and regulations required in each sport. Without them, you won’t know where to start or understand your scoring chart. That’s why you must do thorough research about the rules and start learning them as you will need them on the course. 

The most basic rule that you should know is that every course has 18 holes and each of them has a par. Par is the amount of stroke an individual takes to get the ball into a particular hole. The par for each hole is then totaled at the end of the game which is around 72, the goal is to have the least par for each hole. The best way to learn golf is by playing it yourself and having fun on the course.


Other Essential Equipment 

If you have been watching people play golf, you may have noticed that they are equipped with a list of things. Keep in mind that every golfer is different and each of them has a style of play that is essential for their game. As a beginner, a few clubs, and a ball is enough to get started and have fun on the course. 

As you grow as a golfer you will learn the importance of other essential things that will help improve your game. Some of them are balls, tees, ball markers, gloves, pencils, golf bags, divot tools, towels, and so on. If you have watched professionals play golf, you will understand this list of things without any explanation. 

Choose the Right Ball 

As a beginner, you would probably assume that all golf balls are alike and that’s one of the reasons why you fail to improve your game. When it comes to buying a golf ball there are five things you need to consider which are spin, feel, value, distance, and longevity. The only way you will understand this is by using them when you are on the course. 

Some balls add an extra spin or travel long, and so on so a golfer should focus on his ability and skills. Since you are just starting, focus on cheaper or reasonable golf balls because you are likely to lose a few when learning how to golf. Stick to the backs and gradually as you improve your skills you can move on to higher quality golf balls. 



Golf is one of the most complex sports out there but it is extremely rewarding and calming. If you are looking to start golfing, make sure that you find the right instructor as they can help you improve your game and also have fun on the golf course. A great way to learn golf is to study from professional golfers, here’s a list of the best golfers in the last 10 years