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5 Key Signs You May Need Breast Reduction Surgery

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Ladies, it is something that is seen in the media and is associated with being alluring, sexy and confident.

A larger bosom may be linked to Hollywood starlets like Christina Hendricks and Scarlett Johanson but, when they aren’t on the red carpet, you can bet that they feel what the majority of women with a larger bust feels. A lot of back pain, neck pain and headaches!

It may seem odd to be looking for a way to reduce your breast size, but for many ladies who are over a D cup, this is the only option that will provide them with some relief, as well as up their confidence.

So, are there any signs that you should undertake breast reduction surgery? Yes, there are, and here, they will be explored.


Chronic Back, Neck, and Shoulder Discomfort

Any lady who has a larger bust can attest to the fact that they can, and do, cause lower back discomfort, as well as soreness and muscle cramps around the shoulders and the neck. This is often worse in the morning, in particular, if a supportive bra has not been worn to bed.

Breast reduction will aim to remove the weight of the breast tissue from the chest, meaning that there is no referred weight in these areas, and therefore, no muscular discomfort.


Shoulder Grooves

There’s nothing groovy about shoulder grooves!

If you are a lady with larger boobs, you will know the ‘shoulder groove’ all too well! It is simply where the bra straps dig into the shoulders due to the weight of the boobs themselves.

It can be relieved somewhat by wearing bras that have wider straps. If, of course, you want it resolved permanently, then opting for breast reduction surgery Turkey can be useful, solely because some of the weight will be removed.


Issues With Clothing

Imagine you are out and about shopping for clothes when you come across a gorgeous top. You try it on, only to find that, because of the size of your bust, it doesn’t fit you properly.

Ladies, if you have a larger bosom, chances are this has happened to you, either leading you to wear fitted specialized clothes or looser ones. A breast reduction can help sculpt your bust to a better size for your build, helping you to wear what you want without compromising on style.



Following on from that, women who have larger busts may struggle to find bras that fit in everyday shops. There are stores online that can offer specialized sizes, but who wants to spend a fortune on one bra?

If you are fed up with looking online for bras and wish you could just walk into any clothing store and find your size, it may be time to think about breast reduction.


Low Self Esteem

It is a myth that all women with a large bust have sky-high self-esteem.

A larger bust is likely to cause discomfort, issues with clothing, and, as a woman ages, even issues with sagging. So, if you have had enough of not being able to wear a strapless dress or feel that you would look better with a smaller bust, look into breast reduction options today!




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