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5 Local Amenities You Might Want to Live Near

When moving to a new area, there are plenty of decisions you need to make. One thing that you need to think about is the types of amenities that will be close to your home. Ideally, they should be either within walking distance or a short drive away. Here are five amenities that you might want to live near.


Obviously, if you have a family, you will want to move to a good school. If you have found an area that you like, you should have a look at the local schools and their reputations. Do the houses that you are looking at fall in the catchment areas, and is there room for your children at these schools? If the only option is to send them to a school that you know they would not do well at, you might want to consider looking elsewhere for education.


You might not think that you will ever need self-storage, but it can really come in handy! Whether you are going to be renovating and need extra space temporarily, or you want it on a more permanent basis to store your belongings, having access to local self-storage can be more beneficial than you might think. It might not be too high on your list of priorities, but it is definitely worth bearing in mind.


Having a local shop within walking distance of your home is amazing. If you have run out of something like milk or bread, or you just don’t fancy what you have in for dinner, having a shop right there means that you can pop over and grab whatever you need. There might even be a small row of takeaways or even other amenities like a hairdresser. Having it all right on your doorstep is incredibly helpful.

GP Surgery

Something you must always pay attention to is where your nearest GP surgery is. Having it within walking distance means that you will be able to get to it easily. If you have a check-up, you can walk over and not have to worry about taking up a space in the car park that someone else might need. Likewise, if you need to get over there in a hurry, you will know that it is not too far away.


Everyone loves having access to a little green space. You might want to walk your pets there, or you might want to go with your family to let off a little steam. You could even just want to go there yourself to relax somewhere green and beautiful. Having a park on our doorstep is something that more of us should be grateful of. If you have a green space near to you, make sure that you spend plenty of time in it.

Decide What You Would Like Near You

Of course, the above amenities are just five of the many that you might want near to you. In fact, many of these might even not be right for you. You always need to make sure that you have tracked down the style of home that is perfect for you, but don’t forget about the local area too.

Will you be happy living in this neighbourhood? Has it got all of the amenities that you need? As much as we wish that we could pick up our favourite houses and transplant them elsewhere, if the location isn’t quite right for you then you might want to start looking for somewhere new. No matter how good the house is, you also need to be happy with the local area too!

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