5 Welsh Universities To Keep in Mind When Choosing a Place to Study

Wales is an amazing country – and while part of the United Kingdom, millions of tourists come to enjoy the magnificent scenery, ancient castles and excellent resorts and cities. But what if your goal is not tourism but education? Then you should check out five of the region’s best-known and prestigious Welsh universities – Wales certainly has much to offer when you are looking to complete your degree.

Swansea University

If you are going to continue your education in Wales, this university would be an excellent option. Swansea University was founded in the 1920s. At the moment, it is one of the most prestigious educational institutions. In addition, here, you can count on excellent conditions for research in physics, mathematics and biology. According to NSS 2018, this university has become one of the leaders in the quality of education and student satisfaction.

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Cardiff University

If status and regalia matter to you, then this university is worthy of attention. Let’s start in order. First, it is in the top 160 of the QS World Rankings. The university was founded in 1883. You will be surprised by the fact that two Nobel laureates are working here. The university offers the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and connect your life with a sports career. Students can choose from seven sports and participate in competitions.

Many graduates become professional athletes. If you are interested in such a scenario, you will have to combine sports and training. You can even find a writing service to order an essay or any other assignment if required. Then you will have time to devote time to training. In any case, this university is worth your attention.

Aberystwyth University

If you see this university for the first time, it will seem to you that it is a medieval castle. The majestic towers and columns indicate that the appearance is fully consistent with the level of education. It is one of the best universities in the UK. If you spend a couple of minutes, you will find out that many British politicians, athletes and even actors studied here. In addition, Charles, Prince of Wales, also received his degree here.

Bangor University

This university is like a location for a historical movie. The building is close to mountains and beautiful beaches, which is a bonus for students. The history of this educational institution began in 1884. Since then, many graduates have become eminent scientists, politicians and actors.

Famous filmmaker Danny Boyle got his degree here. According to a 2020 survey of British students, this university is among the country’s top 10 best educational institutions. Here you can get an excellent education and the opportunity to do a variety of research.

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

And here is the last option that you should take into account. This university is in the top 5 educational institutions for the quality of the educational process. In addition to an excellent research base, here, you can count on renowned professors and unique teaching methods. The university is known that most of its graduates find work in the first two months after graduation.

The building is located in a picturesque location. In addition, students can count on one of the largest libraries in Wales. Here you will find any book to help you while learning anything. This university is highly regarded even abroad. Many students from the USA, Canada and European countries want to study here.

Final Words

These five universities are great for ambitious students looking to get an excellent education and fulfil their potential. You should pay attention to faculty, history and future career opportunities at the time of your choice. Each of the five options has distinct advantages. Determine what is most important to you.