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7 Exciting Technologies We Will See in 2023

We all see how quickly the world is changing. Thanks to the increased use of mobile phones and technological achievements, we live in a completely digital era. In addition, the lion’s share of this also goes to innovations, advancements and consumer demand. We’ve made a list of the top most exciting future technology trends of 2023. Experts believe that these technologies and innovations may change our world in many ways.


Lithium Metal Batteries

Even though the transportation sector doesn’t stand at the forefront of innovations, it is going to change rapidly in the upcoming years. The presence of electric vehicles (EVs) is working as evidence of this change. Lots of factors only grow the demand as well as the popularity of electric vehicles worldwide and EV charging stations UK and all across the world. And thanks to an electric app, finding a local charging point has never been easier.

Lithium Metal Batteries are one of the things that are growing interest in EVs. These batteries have been specially developed to innovate the global vehicle market. Most Evs lovers prefer those batteries due to the following reasons:




GPT is the abbreviation for a generative Pre-trained Transformer. It is considered to become the most advanced Neural network. Being in the league of the most advanced neural network, GPT-3 leverages the potential of Natural Language Processing algorithms. 

Even the most advanced technologies we have today try their best to recognise the following the right way:



And most apps and services we have now are filled with these outdated algorithms. The thing that makes them outdated is poor emotional intelligence, feelings, and inability to process information to find solutions straightaway.

That is why GPT – 3 is going to deliver a brand new experience for users and businesses. It is suggested that GPT will have higher emotional intelligence and feelings and quickly find solutions based on processed information.


Data Protection As Per The Data Trusts Model

Since we live in a digital world, it is not surprising that millions of accounts get hacked on a daily basis. Therefore, data protection has never been more essential than now. This applies to both businesses and individuals trying to increase their data safety. However, most people still store their sensitive personal data online or share it via social media.

The number of digital storage lovers is increasing. Statistics show that over 36 million accounts have been hacked during the pandemic. As a result, lots of companies, both small and large, are facing data security breaches for this reason. Stolen information can lead to ruined business and costly mistakes that require years to be fixed. Hackers also develop new ways and technologies to break a company’s protection, making it even harder to prevent those threats.

As a result, the world sees the need for data protection as per the data trust model. This protection model is specifically designed for fail-proof data storage and effective threat management.


Wi-Fi 6 And 5G

One of the key technologies we will see in 2023 is Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. Increased use of mobile phones, IoT, communications services, and more requires suitable technologies. The key goal of these technologies is to boost the security of artificial intelligence, remote work and data transmission.

WI-FI 6 seems to greatly benefit businesses in various industries. While the range of benefits is vast, the most notable are improved support related to innovative applications and services, which better serve customers, provide more secure data sharing, boost remote work and stay stable wirelessly under pressure and market turbulence.


Virtual And Augmented Reality

You probably see how virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) enter our daily lives through apps and services. In addition, both technologies successfully established their names in healthcare since they help surgeons better prepare for operations and provide more accurate analysis.

Even though they mostly use the healthcare sector, both technologies have innovated many industries in various ways. Experts believe that they will revolutionise multiple industries in 2023 with the benefits and real-life experience they offer. Some industries that seem to benefit from AR and VR are Retail, e-Commerce and education.


3D Printing

Even though 3D printing has long been here, this technology still did not gain popularity and applications in more vital industries. Being long used solely for entertainment, 3D technology also will be soon used in the healthcare sector.

Mega-scale virtual fabrication combined with Tissue engineering scaffolds for healthcare micro-factories will be the key purpose of this technology in 2023. While the medical sector will be the first that will benefit from it, other industries will soon find the best applications of 3D printing as well. To be more specific, nanoscale virtual fabrication and the IoT industry will be in the foreground.


Green Hydrogen

Last but definitely not least, the technology that will rise in 2023 is green Green hydrogen. That is because of several worthy reasons that include:



While ordinary people will benefit from Green hydrogen, industries like manufacturing, shipping, transportation, and manufacturing can be decarbonised with it also.


Final Thoughts

The modern world moves fast and requires new technologies to cater to users’ needs. The tech sector also brings new ideas to the table and delivers technologies that will both support and strengthen exciting ones while also providing benefits for more and more industries.


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