Almost every gambling site has at least one bonus offer you can benefit from. However, many aspiring gamblers overlook several crucial points about online casino promotions on decent sites like From this article, you’ll find out all the important aspects of grabbing a bonus on a gambling website.

Types of Bonuses and Promotions

First things first, it is important to distinguish different types of bonus offers from one another. In most cases, you will be able to grab two types of freebies: free spins and deposit bonuses. As their name suggests, free spins allow you to play slot machines and win real money for free. Deposit bonuses, in turn, are online casino promotions that boost your transaction when you top up your balance.

Even though there are only two types of freebies, there are various types of promotions you can get them with. First of all, there are welcome bonuses. These are the most popular bonus offers on gambling sites. Welcome bonuses are one-time offers only available for new users.

For existing players, the casinos also regularly introduce time-limited events. These are also one-time promotions that may grant you free spins and deposit boosts. At most casinos, you can also get regular bonuses. Such promotions are often called reload bonuses and are available once a week.

Some gambling sites also have no deposit bonuses. These offers grant gifts to new users, allowing them to have some free spins without performing a transaction. The terms for such online casino promotions are typically stricter than with other offers. Last but not least, there are VIP-exclusive bonuses. They are only available to users who have unlocked them through the casino’s VIP program.

Terms and Requirements

Most bonus offers at online casinos come with a set of rules and requirements you will need to comply with. These terms are unique to each gambling site, so make sure to read the Bonus Terms document attentively before activating any promotion. In this section, we will highlight and explain the most common requirements for bonuses.

Minimum Deposit

Every bonus offer that requires you to make a deposit will have the minimum accepted sum. Cashing in a sum lower than the specified one will not allow you to benefit from the promotion. This rule is quite intuitive, and most casinos specify this sum very clearly.

Wagering Requirements

In contrast to the previous rule, wagering requirements are usually overlooked or misunderstood by aspiring gamblers. Wagering or playthrough requirements for online casino promotions are usually represented as a multiplier. It is applied to the sum of your deposit bonus. In the case of free spins, the multiplier is applied to the sum of your winnings from the spins.

The resulting sum is the sum you should play through in order to unlock the withdrawals. For example, in case you have received a bonus of 100 euros with wagering requirements of x30, it will mean you need to wager a total of 3,000 euros to unlock the withdrawals. This is the total sum of bets, so you won’t be obliged to reach the specified sum on your balance.

Wagering Term

This rule specifies the amount of time you will have to meet the wagering requirements. In most cases, it will be enough, but it is still worth checking it before grabbing the bonus. Most commonly, this term is from one to two weeks.

Minimum Accepted Bet

This is another rule related to playthrough requirements. It determines the minimum sum you can bet to meet them. Thus, you won’t be able to place thousands of small wagers to meet the playthroughs.