Work on the next phase of an active travel route linking Coychurch and Bridgend will begin on begin on Thursday 6 January 2022.

The project, which is expected to take up to twelve weeks to complete, will focus on Cowbridge Road West to Brackla Street and will include upgrading the existing traffic signals at the junction of Cowbridge Road West and Coychurch Road.

Along the route, pavements will be widened and new dropped crossing points will be installed alongside new streetlighting, signage and safety bollards. Roads will also be resurfaced and new road markings installed, and improvements will be made to the existing drainage system.

The improvements, which will focus on Cowbridge Road West, Coychurch Road, Heol Llangrallo, Coychurch Road Gardens, South Place, Jenkin Street, Free School Court, Cheapside and Brackla Street, are being introduced with an emphasis on maintaining safety throughout the work.

Contractors are contacting residents to ensure that they are aware of the works and will make every effort to minimise inconvenience. Temporary traffic orders will be occasionally applied to maintain highway safety during the works, but will only be used when absolutely necessary.

Cllr Stuart Baldwin, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “Establishing safe, convenient active travel routes which support alternative modes of transport remains an important objective for both the council and Welsh Government, and this latest link is an essential part of that system.

“Whether you are walking, cycling or using electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, active travel routes provide people with greater options for making local or short-distance journeys. They promote greater health and well-being by encouraging people to lead more active lives, help to cut down on congestion and traffic, and have a wide range of environmental benefits as well.”