Well what an amazing afternoon I had, today Thursday the 22nd of June at Ysgol yr fech o’r skers  summer fayre, as the sun was blazing down the community was out supporting one of the oldest schools in the village, there was every type of stall you could think of, from a jewellery stall, a face painting and tattoo stall, the school was absolutely buzzing.

There were many other stalls to including a second-hand school jumper stall, I thought this was really good, as most parents will know we all have a habit every September of buying our children brand new school uniforms, even if they don’t need them, and in truth many children. don’t. But would we as parents even consider our children going back to a new term without school uniforms no, So I thought this was a brilliant idea.

It was also lovely to see the kenfig hill fire brigade there’s usual, I have to give them a massive shout out, no matter what event they are invited to the guys are absolutely great, they are amazing with the children, and I have to say it every time we have a Christmas event, they are always there to help Santa visit the children of Cornelly. I really am proud of the effort they always make.

I even managed to bump into my little great niece Imogen who was having a great time with her friend Mali, they were off to have a tattoo done, there were so many different things for them to do, they had a science table, and even had a good old candly floss machine, now no matter what age you are nobody can resist some candy floss. I really do love being in a village where most people know each other, I even bumped into one of my old friends Gail Bevan as she was before being married.

 Both Gail and I were saying how we had both attended the school when we were children, but it wasn’t a Welsh school then it was Cornelly infant’s school. And I went there around 50 years ago, and we were laughing because it was exactly the same, from the school, to the school play area , but do you know what , it was a lovely feeling, because as we all know in the not to distant future the plan is to build a knew Welsh school on the site, and knock the old one down, now I know they desperately need a new school, and we need to encourage more children to go to these schools, to rekindle the Welsh language.

 I myself cant speak any Welsh, which I really do think is a shame, you cant imagine asking a French person can they speak French and they say no, and I feel the same way when anyone asks me especially if we are away on holiday if I can speak Welsh and with embarrassment I say no.

It was lovely to speak to some of the members of staff, who are really excited about the future of Ysgol Yr Ferch O’r Sker, and they very much look forward to their new school being built, and with the hope that more and more parents will choose this school for their children’s education’.

Parent Jessica William said, she loves that the school is so diverse with the language they make sure the children know everything in both Welsh and English. She also loves that they do so many events, and that the parents, and grandparents are all involved.

But as for me I really have had the best afternoon, seeing all the happy children on this gorgeous summer’s day, enjoying themselves with friends and family and having fun. Now it’s time for a sit down and a cuppa and to put these old legs up.