Search data from has revealed the 10 most wanted cars in Cardiff this year.

Looking at the most searched for cars in the past months from users based in Cardiff, it has been revealed that Ford takes both first and second place with the Fiesta coming in first and the Focus following closely behind.

The full list of the most searched-for cars in the region of Cardiff year-to-date is as follows:

1. Ford Fiesta
2. Ford Focus
3. BMW 3 Series
4. Audi A3
5. Audi A5
6. Ford Kuga
7. BMW 5 Series
8. Volkswagen Golf
9. Audi A7
10. Fiat 500

Phil Morgan, Head of, whose site-search data was used to reveal the most-wanted cars, says:

“It’s no surprise that the Fiesta is Cardiff’s most searched for, and most wanted, car. They are known to be extremely reliable and cheap to run in terms of fuel, tax and insurance too.

It will be very interesting to see how the pandemic changes car buying interests over the coming months. It could be that more people are looking to purchase a run around because they don’t want to lift-share or use public transport. Some people may be reconsidering their choice of vehicle from new to used, meaning they may be more likely to search for a cheaper, more reliable vehicle.

In a poll by the AA, it was said that a fifth of UK drivers will drive less once coming out of lockdown, with commuting being less of a general need as more people will opt to work from home. However, we may see more people taking holidays close to home and therefore needing their own transport.

Price and reliability are most likely to play a big part in a customer’s choice right now, with many people’s incomes and priorities having shifted during the outbreak.