Aura Ads Wins New Clients; Emma Mattress and Pasta Evangelists

Video marketing agency, Aura Ads, has announced it’s partnership with several key household name brands over the past month.

These brands include Emma Mattress, Pasta Evangelists and Bier Co, which add to Aura Ads’ extensive client list since launching in April 2020. Emma – the Sleep Company sold over 1.5 million mattresses in 2020, turning over $494.7 million, an increase of 170% from 2019.

Since launch, they’ve worked with brands such as Huel, Wild Cosmetics, Freddie’s Flowers and Pact Coffee.

Ryan Walton, Founder of Aura Ads, says:

“When setting up Aura Ads, I dreamed of having household name clients, such as Huel and Emma Mattress, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. Aura Ads has a great team in terms of talent, work ethic and culture, so I’m incredibly grateful to them for helping Aura Ads grow as fast as it has, and it only continues to get bigger. 

We know our proposition works, which is how we continue to build momentum organically as well as through our growing sales efforts”

As well as increasing its clients, the team has also increased in size, tripling since this time last year, becoming a team of 15. They expect to complete an additional 5 hires by the end of the year.

They’re also planning to expand into a 3,000 square foot warehouse, creating a custom-built studio space to support the expansion of their production requirements.

“As we strive to be industry leading, we recognise the importance of creative innovation and our ability to continually produce the best quality work. Growing into a larger production space with industry-leading capabilities is part of this process. I’m incredibly excited to see what our production team can create in there”

As well as expanding, the business has recently won Creative Start Up of the year at this year’s Start-Up Awards, and Ryan Walton, Founder of Aura Ads, has also been nominated for both a Young Entrepreneur Award, and Creative Industries Entrepreneur Award at this year’s Great British Entrepreneur Awards.