It’s been more than a year since the pandemic hit, putting an indefinite pause to almost everything that people used to do normally, including mobility. Now more than ever, people are appreciating the value of having their own vehicle to go from one place to another, thus the increasing demand for used vehicles in the market. To avoid public modes of transportation and carpooling, people prefer to buy second-hand vehicles from car dealers or private individuals.

Selling your car for cash during the pandemic is a good idea, but only after you’ve done enough research and considered several aspects that could significantly contribute to getting the best value for your car.

Several factors go into selling a car and if you want to get the best deal, take time to read the following tips so you can easily and effectively sell your car for cash during the pandemic:

  1. Know How Much Your Car Is Worth

At some point, you already know that your car isn’t worth as much money as you’d hope to get. However, it doesn’t mean that you’d have to entertain cheap offers for your used car. Before you proceed with the official process of selling your car, you need to come up with a ballpark figure to have a decent asking price.

Several factors should be considered when setting a price for your used car, such as the make or model, its current condition, the mileage, and even the color. Some buyers may also prefer manual transmission over an automatic one. You can also ask a trader or car dealer you know about pricing your used vehicle competitively for sale.

  1. Find A Dealer Or A Trader

Car dealers are also adapting to the new normal, with the safety and health protocols in place as mandated by the government. If you choose to sell your car to a dealer or trader, you’ll need to ask them accurately how to go about the whole process. They are stricter when it comes to observing government guidelines, so you’ll most probably negotiate with them without any physical contact.

If you decide to sell your car to a trader, it’s a possibility that you won’t get its full value since the trader will also have to earn their profit from the deal. However, you can ensure that the process will be as legal and as contactless as possible.

  1. Look For A Private Buyer

With the availability of platforms like Facebook, Craigslist, and other forms of online classified advertising, it’s easier to find a private buyer for your car. It can also contactless at the beginning of the negotiation, but eventually, you should expect to meet with the interested parties to show the vehicle personally.

To start listing your used vehicle online, take clear pictures and make sure to include all the details about the car. You can also choose not to disclose the selling price at first. That way, those who are truly interested to know more about your listing will reach out to you directly. Just be careful when dealing with people you don’t know personally. Considering that it’s the middle of a pandemic, you have to be extra cautious and observe strict social distancing protocols.

  1. Contact A Scrapyard or A Junkyard

Scrapyards are not only for scrap cars; they are also interested in buying used vehicles. The primary advantage of this option is that the process will be straightforward and hassle-free on your part. Once you’ve agreed to an acceptable price, they’ll pick the vehicle from your place. You no longer have to worry about driving it to their location or renting a tow truck to transport it.

Getting Your Car Ready For The Sale

After you’ve chosen how to sell your car for cash during the pandemic, the next step is to prepare the vehicle for its next owner. Make sure you have the paperwork ready, particularly the car’s title or registration. After that, you can clean the car to make sure that you’ve removed all your personal belongings from it.

If you’re short on cash and have been meaning to dispose of your used car for a while, now’s the time to take a closer look at it. With the pandemic taking its toll on everyone’s lives, it’s understandable that you’re making financial sacrifices. If it’s to ensure that your pocket won’t run out of cash during the quarantine, there’s nothing wrong if you find yourself deciding to sell your car for cash.

Remember that the virus still exists and you need to be extra careful. If you need to meet with a potential buyer or talk personally to your dealer, don’t forget to wear your mask at all times, and maintain physical distancing when needed.


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