BBI Creates New Jobs to Support Next Phase in COVID-19 Home Test Development ( Now Hiring in Crumlin, South Wales)

BBI Solutions is recruiting for roles to support its work as part of a UK Government consortium, tasked with developing and manufacturing a Covid-19 Point of Care antibody test to support the government strategy on COVID-19 testing.

Four months ago, UK Government established the UK-Rapid Test Consortium (UK-RTC), in which BBI Solutions is a partner, to develop a COVID-19 lateral flow antibody test that can be used by people in their homes to determine if they have an antibody response to COVID-19, which would confirm previous infection.

This test together with the Government’s overall strategy on testing and vaccination mark a move towards detecting and eradicating the virus.

The successful completion of the development of the assay means BBI and its UK-Rapid Test Consortium (UK-RTC) partners require more staff to meet production demands in advance of final approval of the test by regulatory authorities.

BBI is investing in multiple roles at its manufacturing headquarters in Crumlin, South Wales, and these roles will be based in Manufacturing, Quality Control, Compliance, Technical Operations and Supply Chain.

Given the scale of the potential demand for the test within the UK, the Consortium will introduce a phased ramping up in capacity, but is making these key appointments in preparation for ensuring a smooth transition to high volume production at the manufacturing facilities by the end of the year.

This is a unique opportunity to join a progressive and growing organisation, which is contributing to South Wales and the UK’s resistance to the pandemic.

BBI Group Chief Executive Dr Mario Gualano said: “Given the difficult times we find ourselves in, we are delighted to announce vacancies. We have always valued our employees and they have been key to the speed at which our work with UK-RTC has progressed. We are pleased to be able to build on our team – these are exciting times for BBI and we envisage these key appointments playing their part in further developments with the Consortium.

“This is a very complex project that is being completed at extraordinary speed, compared to a normal test development programme.

“But we remain on track to deliver a test to the UK that will make a significant difference to the approach needed to manage COVID-19 infections.

“We are proud to be an integral part of this project and are thrilled with the progress to date.”

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