Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Social Services and Early Help, Cllr Jane Gebbie, has won the Ron Todd Award for Equality, having been nominated by more than 11 organisations or individuals.

Unable to attend the high-profile award ceremony at the Ron Todd’s Memorial Lecture held in London, Cllr Gebbie received her award at the Civic Offices in Bridgend.

Ron Todd, an English Trade Union Leader, strove for social equality – an ethos which drives the work of the Ron Todd Foundation. The awards at the Memorial Lecture recognise and place a spotlight on the work of people aiming to establish social fairness for all.

Deputy Leader, Cllr Jane Gebbie said: “I am very humbled and absolutely honoured to have won this award for equality. I am so grateful to be recognised for promoting the value which I hold so closely to my heart.”

“Thank you to all those who have nominated me and I commit to continue on the same path – striving for equality at every given opportunity.”