Changes have been made to the way in which school crossing patrols are assessed in Bridgend County Borough.

Designed to reflect latest UK road safety guidance, the changes are intended to bring Bridgend County Borough Council’s school crossing patrol policy into line with national criteria.

The policy is applied when a new request for a crossing patrol is received or when changes in circumstances occur at an existing site – such as a school relocation, local demographics or the retirement of a post-holder.

The updated policy now reflects the criteria laid out in the Road Safety GB School Crossing Patrol Service Guidelines (2016).

Cllr Charles Smith, Cabinet Member for Education and Regeneration, said:

“The main difference between the old guidance and the updated version is that it puts the safety of child pedestrians first.

“It also allows for crossing patrols to be considered in greater partnership for areas which do not meet the national criteria, which in turn ensures that the council can focus its resources on areas of greatest need while still agreeing a way forward.”

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