New funding safeguards nappy collection service for next seven years

The collection of nappies and other absorbent hygiene products (AHP) in Bridgend County Borough has been safeguarded for the next seven years following fresh investment from Welsh Government.

Around £238,000 is being invested in collection vehicles, containers and depot facilities to help make the service more efficient and ensure that it can continue to divert AHP waste away from landfill.

The funding has been provided as part of an all-Wales initiative which is seeking to encourage more households to take part in the recycling of AHP products.

The service, which has been in place locally since 2017, works by providing households that register for AHP collections with purple bags which can be used to dispose of nappies, wipes, paper tissues, stoma bags, adult incontinence pads, absorbent bed sheets, plastic gloves and disposable aprons.

Collected every fortnight alongside regular household waste, the bags are sent for processing so that all recyclable elements can be removed and refashioned to create new products such as fibre boards, acoustic panelling and more.

Deputy Leader, Cllr Hywel Williams, said: “The investment into this service is great news for households across the county borough, and is going to make a significant contribution towards our already-impressive recycling statistics as well as benefitting the environment.

“With more than 7,000 households currently signed up to the scheme, our AHP collections have proven to be extremely popular and last year resulted in a total of 1,187 tonnes of nappies and other items being diverted from landfill and sent for recycling.”

  • You can find out more and sign up to the AHP service by registering online at the recycling pages of


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