The successful entrepreneur’s guide: 3 software tools for effortless Job Management

Job management definitely leans towards the tougher scale of the entrepreneurship gradient owing to the multiple facets it possesses and the requirement of close scrutiny over all assets; it not only needs a hefty investment of money but also time and energy.

This is why every successful entrepreneur prefers a virtual assistant to not only keep track of all the various facets of job management but also efficiently execute them! Such virtual assistants come in the form of excellently designed and specially optimized software that flaunt state-of-the-art technology and integrated tools to boost your business’ productivity and profitability in a very short span of time! 3 of the best applications are listed below:


  1. Workever: The digital dream

This digital dream application solves every one of your entrepreneurial problem in seconds flat! Not only does it dissect and simplify the issue but also suggests smart functions to overcome it. Flaunting cutting-edge technology and a cloud-based backup, Workever is a perfectly secure software to input all your valuable data and information in without the fear of possible hacking or privacy invasions.

Here are a few more reasons why Workever is the ultimate software for all job managers:

  • Efficient & Time saving:

The best part about investing in a virtual app is that there are no documents to sign or stamp and building on this advantage, Workever has introduced their excellent function that is not only environment-friendly as it reduces wasted paper but also saves time!

You can directly quote, create invoices, contracts and even build a whole organized system of asset suppliers right there on your screen without needing even a shred of paper!

  • Quick Job scheduling:

Workever has an integrated job scheduler that allows you to easily drag and drop jobs to the appropriate worker on the field while the live map allows you to track productivity and the live location of your field staff. The communication between the office and field staff is also ace and you can stream without any hindrances!

Other notable features include a informative portal along with comprehensive job reports. You can promptly receive photos, videos and timesheets from your staff in absolutely no time and always stay connected!


  1. Clickup: The multi-tasking machine:

This beast is the software trusted to be the multi-tasking champ that can heftily process requests at the same time without ever crashing thus making your productivity shoot up to the sky and directly affecting your profit in a positive way! Some excellent features include:

  • Time Management:

This app prioritizes the importance of saved time and how it can be used to invest into other productive tasks! Clickup not only saves the tasks you create as an empty template for easy use in the future when you wish to list a same or similar task but it also allows you to set repeating tasks and even decide the time intervals between every repeating task


  • Reminders & Notifications:

Clickup also has the best alert system when it comes to prioritize tasks since it not only allows you to colour-code your tasks but also reminds you to collect your assets on time! It also sends you various notifications regarding the progress in each sector so you stay informed and in the loop about everything!


  1. Todoist: The efficient software:

This software focuses on providing entrepreneurs with the calm and peace of mind all busy managers need and Todoist does that by clearing their mental space and taking up all their tasks, projects and executing them on its own.

  • Functionality:

This task manager is the easiest to learn and requires no prior training to use owing to its simple, minimalistic interface and easy-to-use features along with the handy guide it has in its list of resources hat allow workers to learn more easily!

  • Efficiency:

Todoist also has a brilliant blog to answer all of your frequently asked questions along with excellently designed templates to help ease your task and make job management a walk in the park!

Entrepreneurial Verdict:

These applications are not only the best in the market but have also been tried and tested by scores of satisfied customers and so the decision weighs heavy on the scale as all business managers choose to prefer having these smart software as their personal assistant that not only allows them to virtually be present in the field, look over every aspect, assign and schedule tasks but also maintain office work by reducing wasted paper and piles of legal documents.

The Entrepreneurial Verdict swears by these applications to being the gospel for all business managers and so if you too want your job management business flourish without any wasted assets and 0 down-time, invest in one of these as soon as possible!


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