On March 8th 1908, 15 000 women took to the streets of New York City to protest long working hours, low pay and lack of voting rights. Since then this day has been recognised as an annual event by the United Nations and every year on the 8th March the world celebrates international women’s day across the globe.

Women’s day is a national holiday is several countries and this is a day to acknowledge women’s rights and gender equality.  The purpose of women’s day is to honour women and their achievements regardless of any cultural, political or economic divisions.

It is in the best interest of your business to celebrate women’s day, not only because it is an important day worth celebrating but because it could boost sales and brand awareness. It is generally a challenging line between underappreciating and coming across too promotional so below we will explore how to get more sales for your business on women’s day.


Appreciate staff members

No business can run smoothly without its staff members and Women’s day is a good opportunity to introduce your customers to the women involved in your business. It is a time for them to put a face to the people working behind the scenes to make the business a success. This is just one of the holiday themed suggestions by Socital, who make it easy to theme your online store to holidays like Women’s Day. A good way to do this is to make a home page that shows appreciation for your female staff members. Your business could also use social media as a platform to show love and appreciation for the women working for your business. These are good ways to show appreciation to women on women’s day and advertise your business at the same time.


Have a quiz competition

Educational campaigns are very popular and engagement is very important. A great way to boost engagement is to have a quiz competition with questions about women’s day. You could ask questions about the achievements and successes of women and you could also promote prominent females in society. This not only educates and entertains the audience but celebrates women and the importance of women in society. Winners can receive discounts, products and hampers. This will boost engagement and bring a lot of traffic to your business. On top of that this is a great way to promote and support women’s day.


Make sure the customers know you support women’s day

Your customers need to know that you support women’s day and that you are not just using this day as a marketing tool for your business. Some good ways to show support for women’s day is to:

  • Use women’s day colours such as purple, red, green and white. Purple signifies justice and dignity.
  • Make a message about women’s equality and women’s contribution to the world.

Another very important thing to do is create a pleasant user experience on your website.  Everything should be easy to navigate and find such as discounted products and promotions. To do this add a block on your homepage that summarizes your brand. Make sure to always keep in mind the goal of your website.

Ways to do this include:

  • Keeping details clear and marked.
  • Add navigation boxes with CTAs.
  • Dedicate a special section on your website for women’s day gift cards.
  • Navigate your customers through product offerings.
  • Highlight deliver details.


Make sure you have discount

Everyone loves a good discount and you should make sure to offer discounts, coupons and other special deals on women’s day. When offering discounts, make sure that they are relevant to your target audience and the theme of women’s day. Don’t just offer discounts for the sake of offering discounts and getting traffic to your site or store. This is not good for business.

Ultimately women’s day only happens once a year and it is a good opportunity to bring awareness to your business while at the same time honouring and celebrating women and shining light on a very significant part of human history. Women should be celebrated every day but once a year we have a special day for women to be acknowledged and your business can use this opportunity to its maximum advantage. Celebrating women while boosting sales and your business image, what could be better?