The Cabinet of Bridgend County Borough Council has approved the Bridgend Biodiversity Duty Plan, 2022 to 2025, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to promoting the resilience of ecosystems.

Following a review of the previous plan, involving feedback from relevant departments across the council, one of the key achievements highlighted was the landscape projects that have been delivered. Biodiversity enhancement activities at the disused coal washery site in Ogmore Vale, Ogmore Washeries, resulted in identifying a new species – namely the Brown Banded Carder bee. Another example is the ‘Dunes 2 Dunes’ project, which involved a collaboration of nature reserve managers, volunteers and landowners to sustainably manage the habitats along the coastline of Bridgend County Borough.

Other strengths that were noted include how staff throughout the council have worked collaboratively to deliver objectives, as well as how a range of resources have been effectively used to raise awareness of enhancing biodiversity within the county borough.

Challenges identified in the review – which are all managed in the new 2022 to 2025 plan – include the lack of formal evidence for some of the progress that has been achieved, as well as for processes that have been employed to deliver objectives.

It was also highlighted that the small number of staff in the team, directly responsible for delivering the objectives in the plan, hinders the level of ecological support that is available for the council.

Cllr John Spanswick, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “The issues that have been noted from the review of the former Biodiversity Plan, have been considered and addressed in the new plan for 2022 to 2025.

“We continue to evaluate and shape our work accordingly, to ensure that standards remain high.

“The new and revised actions outlined in the plan, aim to continue to safeguard and enhance biodiversity and its resilience throughout Bridgend County Borough.”