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The Cabinet of Bridgend County Borough Council will meet next week to discuss proposals for submitting a detailed business case to Welsh Government on how it intends to administrate more than £2.65m funding for carrying out remedial wall insulation work in Caerau.

The funding has been awarded in principle by Welsh Government to address work which was carried out in 2012-2013, but which failed. To secure the funding, the council must submit its business case by 28 February.

Cabinet members will also be asked to approve a recommendation to full Council to ask that the authority contributes an additional £850,000 towards the work, bringing the total level of funding for the programme up to £3.5m.

With discussions ongoing between Welsh Government and UK Government officials, the report further advises that additional UK Government ‘Eco’ scheme funding may also be allocated to the programme to reduce the overall cost to each contributor.

The report highlights how, 10 years ago, schemes such as Arbed and the Community Energy Saving Programme were part of Government initiatives which provided various types of funding that councils, energy companies, contractors and other organisations could use to carry out energy efficiency improvements.

While the council used the Arbed scheme in 2012-2013 to administrate funding and appoint a contractor to provide wall insulation for 25 properties in Caerau, it was not involved with a further 79 properties which had work carried out under the Community Energy Saving Programme.

If approved, the overall funding will be used to address the failed wall insulation works at all 104 properties. Cabinet will meet to discuss the report at 2.30pm on Tuesday 8 February 2022.