The car park at Bedford Park has reopened following recent reviews of pandemic requirements by Welsh Government.

The car park was one of several which was closed earlier in the year after drivers ignored pandemic restrictions requiring people to stay at home as much as possible, and not to travel to go for a walk or to exercise.

Alert level four restrictions are still in place across Wales, and Bridgend County Borough Council is reminding people that Welsh Government has advised people to ‘stay local’ using a five-mile radius as a general rule of thumb.

If coronavirus cases continue to fall, the stay local rule will be reviewed along with the current alert level.

The Leader, Cllr Huw David said: “The car park at Bedford is very popular and provides access onto miles of woodland routes. With restrictions slowly relaxing it makes sense to reopen it so that people can use it for exercise and well-being as part of the five-mile rule.

“However, we must all still remain alert and take every precaution to keep ourselves, our family, friends, neighbours and colleagues safe from exposure to coronavirus.

“We will be monitoring the car park carefully to make sure that it is used responsibly and safely, and also want to thank the local residents and volunteers who continue to work with us to ensure that the gates of the car park are opened and closed for the benefit of visitors.”