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Cardiff Considering a Fourth Casino

Cardiff is a city filled with exciting entertainment options. With a thriving tourism sector and strong nightlife scene, locals and visitors alike are treated to an array of recreational activities to keep them occupied.

Alongside a world-renowned assortment of bars, eateries, and nightclubs, these include not one high-calibre casino, but three. With the freshly renovated Rainbow Casino and sprawling Les Croupiers to name just two, there’s plenty of action to be had for those who like the unharnessed thrills of gaming.

Despite the continuing popularity and undoubted prestige of these venues, however, it now seems that there may be plans for a fourth casino to join them in the city. While this has not been confirmed, it does lead to an interesting question: is there really room for another leviathan among Cardiff’s already crowded casino scene?

An ever-growing industry

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While plans to build a fourth casino in Cardiff might at first appear ambitious and likely to oversaturate the city’s gambling scene, those in the know suggest that such concerns may well be unfounded. The reason for this is a simple one: the public appetite for gaming keeps on growing.

This statement is supported by the statistics, with figures from the Gambling Commission revealing that in Great Britain alone, the gambling industry delivered a total gross gambling yield of £14.4 billion between April 2018 and March 2019. In addition to this, it had over 10,761 premises, all of them continuing to benefit from the custom of the UK’s 2.1 million customers.

It’s not only the land-based casino industry that is going from strength to strength. Some strong competition also comes in the form of the ever-growing number of online providers, who offer greater accessibility and convenience than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Casinos like Paddy Power, for example, have capitalised on this by covering both bases, offering not only a selection of licensed betting shops in the UK and Ireland, but also online options ranging from jackpot slots through to live casino and bingo.

Does Cardiff have room for a fourth casino?

Source: Pixabay

While the international gambling industry is therefore in a powerful position, this still leaves an important question unanswered: does Cardiff have a sufficiently strong betting scene to support a fourth casino?

The answer is not an easy one, for while its resident casinos appear to be thriving, a fourth competitor would arguably mean dividing their share of the business further. That being said, this may not necessarily be a problem.

This is because, while profits would be split, the building of a fourth casino would also create new jobs and opportunities for those working in the city, as well as an additional draw for both tourists and locals alike. The likelihood is that this would stimulate the city’s economy even further, while also catering to the huge growth in the Welsh gambling market, where slot games, in particular, have proven popular.

With a strong appetite for gaming and an audience who seem to very much enjoy splashing their cash on slots, it appears a fourth casino in Cardiff may not be such a bad idea after all.

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