• Cardiff is the city most obsessed with Googling about Christmas
  • The city’s residents make over 16,000 Christmas themed searches per 10,000 people
  • Cardiff residents frequently ask Google, “What Do I Want For Christmas”


Cardiff has been found to be the city most curious about Christmas. That’s according to new research released ahead of the upcoming festive season.

The research by Barratt Homes has analysed searches for 320 Christmassy search terms from the past two Christmas seasons to reveal which cities in the UK make the most Christmas themed Google searches.

Based on analysis of 320 Christmas topics, the people of Cardiff make the most festive google searches per capita.

Analysis of Google search data also revealed the top 10 most searched for questions about Christmas, with Cardiff’s most Googled question revealed to be “How Many Days Until Christmas”. Also making the top five most common queries is asking Google, “What Do I Want For Christmas”.


People in Cardiff Google about Christmas the most

Most Christmassy Google Searches by city
City Weighted Searches Per Capita
1.       Cardiff 16,308
2.       Swansea 9,727
3.       Stoke-on-Trent 8,286
4.       Sunderland 7,930
5.       Southampton 7,929
6.       Leicester 6,861
7.       Reading 6,385
8.       Sheffield 6,356
9.       Liverpool 6,311
10.   London 5,791
11.   Coventry 5,369
12.   Nottingham 4,975
13.   Bristol 4,218
14.   Birmingham 4,134
15.   Edinburgh 3,866
16.   Glasgow 3,603
17.   Belfast 3,554
18.   Leeds 3,271
19.   Manchester 2,978
20.   Newcastle 2,394


The research reveals that there’s no shortage of Christmas cheer within Cardiff as the Welsh city makes over 16,000 Christmas themed searches per 10,000 people, more than double the level of Christmas curiosity than all but two cities analysed.

Cardiff is followed by Swansea (9,727) and Stoke-on-Trent (8,286) in second and third place respectively.


The most popular Christmas questions searched for in Cardiff

Most Googled Christmas Questions
Google Search
1. How Many Days Until Christmas
2. What Day Is Christmas
3. How Many Reindeer Does Santa Have
4. Where Is Santa
5. What Do I Want For Christmas
6. What To Write In A Christmas Card
7. How Many Gifts In 12 Days Of Christmas
8. How To Draw A Christmas Tree
9. When Is Christmas Jumper Day
10. How To Decorate A Christmas Tree


The research also revealed the most Googled Christmas themed questions over the festive season.

The question people are most curious to know the answer to, is “How Many Days Until Christmas”, followed by “What Day Is Christmas” and “How Many Reindeer Does Santa Have”.

If you’re unsure about what you want for Christmas this year, why not ask Google? “What Do I Want For Christmas” is the fifth most popular Christmas question people in Cardiff search for over the festive period.


Steve Mariner, Sales and Marketing Director at Barratt Homes, commented:

“Although times have been hard in the UK for the past couple of years, the festive season brings the opportunity for a more positive outlook. Much like the rest of the UK, the people of Cardiff are clearly eager for the big day to finally arrive.

With Barratt Homes having a strong presence in many of the communities included in this research, it’s great to see that the festive cheer is especially strong in the city of Cardiff, where can enjoy festive experiences such as the Believe Christmas grotto and Christmas at Bute Park.”


More details about the research can be found at https://www.barratthomes.co.uk/cities-most-obsessed-with-christmas/