Cardiff tech firm scores six-figure deal with award-winning US Talk Show

A Welsh tech company is positioning itself as a global market leader in digital hybrid cloud storage, after landing a six-figure contract in America – the latest in a string of international wins for the firm.

Cardiff-based business Object Matrix, which provides hybrid cloud storage solutions principally to media organisations, has signed a five-year deal with an Emmy award-winning US TV series, as part of the company’s strategy to develop its export offering in international markets.

This most recent signing is the latest in a line of big-name international clients for Object Matrix, including BBC, Fox Sports, NBC Universal, France Televisions and Deutsche Bank.

Founded in 2003 by Jonathan Morgan, Nick Pearce-Tomenius and Francisco Ontoso-Ramos, Object Matrix specialises in providing digital cloud storage and lifetime governance for the media and entertainment industry.

Object Matrix’s technology allows companies to easily manage petabytes of content with little management. Content can be created, tagged, distributed and curated using its platform, ensuring data is protected at the highest level. This governing element is particularly appealing for companies within the media and entertainment industry to prevent potential crises resulting from digital content and video leaks.

Initially focusing solely on trade within the UK, an explosion in video content creation and distribution in 2013 saw the company diversify its offering which led to more work in overseas markets.

Accounting for 55% of its business and more than half of the company’s turnover, Object Matrix attributes international exports to its success and growth in recent years. In the last five years, the business has more than tripled its headcount, growing its workforce from six employees to a team of 20.

The company currently operates in 30 countries with France, the United States and Brazil forming its largest exports markets. The company predicts that its work overseas will grow by an additional 25% in 2019, particularly in the US and South Africa, where customer numbers are projected to double and triple respectively. The firm also has plans to continue to develop its customer base in Europe, particularly in France and Belgium.

Nick Pearce-Tomenius, co-founder and sales and marketing director at Object Matrix said,

“Exporting has been vital to expanding our company’s success and services worldwide.

“Before the idea of exporting our products and services became a reality we had to start locally before we could think globally. Once we successfully accomplished that aspect of our business, we were able to take things to the next level. I firmly believe that if you can sell your product in Wales, you can sell your product anywhere.”

“Signing a major contract in the US is very exciting for us. 2019 is going to be a big year Object Matrix, and we’re looking forward to expanding our client base across other major countries around the world.”

Vital to the company’s rapid export growth, Object Matrix has received support from Welsh Government export specialists, through Business Wales, to access not only financial support but to also ensure the company’s presence at major international trade shows in Amsterdam, New York and Johannesburg.

Attendance at these trade shows plays a key role in the company’s export strategy, enabling Object Matrix to source prospective clients and to showcase what it has to offer to companies in need of digital storage. Without assistance from Welsh Government, Object Matrix’s export journey may have taken much longer to realise.

The company has also tapped into the relationships built by trade shows to partner with international resellers in each of its key regions to strategically promote its hybrid cloud storage technology.

Nick added:

“Growth isn’t linear for small businesses. Trusting in our resellers and partners to promote our product and attending numerous trade shows have been critical to our growth. Thanks to our export focus, Object Matrix is now a key player in the media industry. Our products can be applied to many markets in many ways but we have focused on the rise of video on demand and this alone sets us apart.”

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