How Many Cardiff Residents Injure Themselves in Their Own Homes?

Health has been at the forefront of many people’s minds this year. The population has been keen to stay safe and out of the hospital. Nonetheless, accidents still happen in the least likely of places. Every day people are injuring themselves in their own home. Is Cardiff one of the safer or clumsy cities in Wales? And how does it compare with the rest of the UK?


How Many People

It has been revealed that 91% of Cardiff residents injure themselves multiple times in their own homes. This means it’s the second accident-prone city in the whole of the UK. The steel city, Sheffield, took first place with 92% of people having multiple injuries at home. It would appear the city where people are the most careful is Belfast, with only 40% of correspondents saying they had injured themselves multiple times in their own house. This research was conducted by the National Accident Helpline, who offer a no win, no fee arrangements.


Where in the House

Commenting on the research, Tom Fitzgerald, Managing Director of National Accident Helpline, said: “Now, more than ever, it’s important that the public are being mindful of their surroundings, even in the safety of their own homes, to prevent unnecessary accidents from happening.” There are certain rooms where people should be more aware of. In Cardiff, the top three places where people are sustaining injuries in the home are the kitchen (52%) bathroom (39%) and the garden. (30%) Across the UK the top places are the kitchen (60%) garden (33%) and living room. (31%)


What’s Causing Injuries

It’s also important to note the household items that are causing the most accidents. The survey revealed in Cardiff 52% of people had injured themselves with a kitchen knife while preparing food. This is just over the national average of 49%. The hob was Cardiff’s second-highest injury causer, with 34% of people harming themselves on it. The kitchen is clearly one of the most hazardous rooms in the house, so care needs to be taken there. Thankfully, common household accidents have very simple fixes.


Staying Safe

Mr Fitzgerald went on to say, “An injury caused by falling off a ladder, slipping on a wet floor or even an accidental strain while exercising can potentially have serious implications and in some cases could impact peoples’ lives for many years to come.” So it’s vital that people follow proper precautions, even from the comfort of their own home. Particular care should be taken when getting involved in DIY or gardening projects. It isn’t just about making the house safe for yourself, but also your loved ones.

Looking after your health is so important, and being a little bit cautious can go a long way. What are some ways you feel safer at home?

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