Plans to open a third luxury casino in Cardiff

With its unique blend of historical sights and contemporary attractions, Cardiff offers an exciting range of opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Like a couple of cherries atop a deluxe nightlife sundae, two top-of-the-line casinos preside among the internationally famous array of traditional pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs. When in the mood for a sensational night out at the casinos, players can choose from Les Croupiers Casino or Grosvenor Casino. From this excellent selection, players have the option to participate 24/7 every day of the year and also to play online. If it does feel like more of a relaxing night to stay in, Wales has a colourful range of online casinos offering best bonuses as an accommodating alternative. There are also a number of smaller casinos, slots and bingo halls in other parts of the city. In light of the popularity and status of Cardiff’s existing casinos, there is discussion about adding a third luxury option for enthusiastic casino-goers. Cardiff’s Rainbow Casino, once one of the city’s most popular entertainment hubs, closed last autumn and has announced they will not be reopening. For the moment, Cardiff’s newest casino remains at the stage of speculation and preliminary planning, but the motivation for planning points to the UK’s growing popularity of casinos (both the physical destinations as well as online sites), and an opening up of numerous employment opportunities. 

Les Croupiers Casino and Grosvenor Casino

Since its grand opening in 1968 on St. Mary’s Street in Cardiff, Les Croupiers Casino has attracted many crowds with its prestige and top-of-the-line gambling experience. Both gaming regulars as well as newbies feel at ease with the courteous and accommodating staff, known as ‘the Croups’ by locals. Les Croupiers has since relocated to the Capital Retail Shopping Park in Cardiff. Here, the eateries on the upper level offer diners the opportunity to catch a glimpse of another kind of game, with the view of Cardiff City Stadium next door. The heart of Cardiff Bay is home to the famous Grosvenor Casino, located at the Red Dragon Centre on Hemingway Road. Grosvenor Casino tempts guests with a rich assortment of amenities and entertainment options, offers catering for events, and has also been a venue for fashion shows and beauty pageants.  

Cardiff’s earlier super casino vision

In 2006, the city had envisioned erecting a super casino in Cardiff Bay. Due to the rising popularity of gaming establishments at that time, the UK government had requested cities to make proposals for larger establishments that would require casino licenses. Cardiff’s plan was for a regional super casino in traditional Las Vegas style. This ‘gambling palace’ was going to be a casino that never closed – opening 24 hours a day – with enormous wins at the million-pound slot machines. The super casino was in the blueprint as a section of the Cardiff International Sports Village, which was to include a grandiose 220 metre viewing tower. After a few thrilling rounds at the super casino, players would have been able to gaze over the stunning panorama of the Bristol Channel and South Wales. Cardiff Council’s dream of this super casino never came to fruition, however; it was halted completely when the legislation of the UK government no longer supported this type of casino.


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