CARMARTHENSHIRE County Council says it will offer a full range of support to Ukrainian families and local people who offer to host refugees in their homes.

Officers are working with Welsh Government and already having conversations with key external partners, including private landlords and local housing associations, voluntary and charitable organisations and people who have already offered to host families or help in other ways.

They said refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine will be supported to find suitable housing, employment and education, as well as safeguarding and emotional support.

The council has launched an online form on its website to gather information from Carmarthenshire people about the kind of support they can offer too.

Whilst people are firstly encouraged to donate money through the Disasters Emergency Committee for relief to civilians in Ukraine and surrounding countries, the council has suggested practical ways people might be able to help.

It includes offering to welcome a Ukrainian family into their home for a few weeks or months, until a permanent home can be found, or making a home available to rent.

People could volunteer to help prepare homes for families to move into, or help with transport for newly-arrived families.

Those who can speak Ukrainian or Russian are being asked to assist with interpretation and translation, helping Ukrainian children with homework and using other specialist skills and knowledge to help refugee families.

The council said it will use the information gathered locally to mobilise targeted support as and when required, but that it is yet unclear as to when or how the help might be needed – further information will be shared as soon as it is available.

Wales has committed to supporting an initial 1,000 people in the first phase of the scheme. It is not yet known how many families will be settled in Carmarthenshire.

For further information, or to register an offer of support, visit or call 01267 234567.