Chase Delphi expands as demand for legal, finance and IT recruitment grows

Alun Leach, co-founder of Chase Delphi

Alun Leach, co-founder of Chase Delphi

After launching in July, specialist recruitment consultancy Chase Delphi has continued to expand its business to provide job seekers and recruiters with specialist guidance and advice and plans to expand its own team.


The Cardiff-based consultancy was set up to specialise in recruiting a wide-range of roles in the legal, technology and finance professions across Wales, England and Ireland. The business has recorded a number of significant developments, including its client base trebling in size from August to October and saw a staggering growth in vacancies of more than 30% between October and November 2021.


The venture has been led from the start by industry-expert and co-founder Alun Leach, who has attributed the growth of the consultancy to the booming job sector. The legal, technology and finance industries have seen a high volume of vacancies available, and it is this demand that sees the business actively recruiting to increase their own team.


Mr Leach commented:

“A level of confidence has returned and with it an increase in candidate numbers. It has presented us with an opportunity to invest and expand our team in Cardiff much earlier than planned.”


It’s argued that the past 18 months have been the most challenging of a generation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the uncertainty surrounding businesses and job security has made it even more challenging for candidates to find their perfect job.


Mr Leach concluded:

“Recruiters and candidates are still facing new challenges but with the experience and knowledge Chase Delphi offers, we provide them with the opportunity to overcome these challenges and forge long-term, trusted partnerships.”