The first time you hear your child’s voice crying is a thrilling experience; it signifies that the child is full of life and has got a set of lungs. As time goes by, the exciting experience fades away leading to concerns. This article provides a few tips on how you can help the little one calm down and feel better.

Offer a Pacifier

According to paediatrics, there is nothing wrong with offering your baby a pacifier. Some children have a strong sucking need, and a pacifier can help soothe them. At vendors like Toddle Born Wild, kids dribble proof lip balm that can be used with pacifiers to soothe their lips and smiles.

Make Baby Comfortable

Babies are used to a cosy and warm environment in the womb. Emulating such will stop the flowing of tears from babies and make them feel secure. Ways to do so include swaddling the baby in a blanket, try Kangaroo care where you undress the baby and use your own skin to create the warmth or strapping the baby on a sling.

Bring on the Noise

The belly is not as silent as many people think. Babies can hear the pounding of the heart, rushing blood and sounds from the stomach. You can use other sounds such as a gentle shushing or try white noise apps. These sounds create a familiar environment that can help the babies to stop crying and calm down.

Consider Health Problems

Stomach discomfort, colic, and a diet problem could be a health issue that makes your child cry more than normal. On such occasions, to help your child lay them face down across your knee and gently rub the back. Instances of colic usually peek at six weeks and then resolves itself in three months. You can also contact a doctor if the problem persists.

Get Moving

A baby spending nine months in the womb feels like living in a mobile home. Entering the world, a baby may be unfamiliar with just sitting still. Shaking up things can help. You can rock or swing the baby, take a drive outside and use vibrations from a drier or a washing machine.

Last-Ditch Efforts to Soothe a Fussy New-born

There are still many tricks that can jolly up your child from that cranky mood. Change of scenery is one way. When you change the environment, it distracts the baby enough to stop their crying. Other methods include giving a massage, dimming the light, singing to them, and ensuring that the baby is not feeling too hot or cold.

All babies can get fussy from time to time, it is nothing to worry about; if you have gone through all the usual checklist of feeding them, changing them, tried to put them down for a nap, and none of it has worked, then these tips might help. Sometimes none of us know what it is we want, but their only way of vocalising that is by crying.

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