Philips Espresso Machine – Best Christmas Gift For Coffee Lovers

Christmas may be more important this year than ever before. After such a turbulent time in history, it is only natural to want to treat the loved ones in our lives, especially if we have not been able to spend much time with them this year or if we’ll be apart for Christmas. And, as we are all spending a great deal more time in our own homes, an espresso machine is a practical as well as beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Coffee machine Philips

This Philips coffee machine may be the perfect gift for any household. It is a luxurious machine designed to fit seamlessly into any kitchen, offering a variety of delicious drinks produced at the push of a button. Costing just £319, it offers an incredible range of functionality at less than half the price of comparable machines. Sleek black, slimline, yet with the capability of producing two cups of coffee concurrently, the coffee machine Philips have created is a brilliant Christmas gift for coffee lovers.

Best in the game

Philips have been around for a long time, so the coffee machine Philips produces is worth your money. They have over 50 years of experience in coffee and coffee machines, so they have a longstanding history that should count for something. The company is also one of the most recognisable worldwide, with patents in healthcare and as well as home implements. They are trustworthy and always looking to innovate in each of their markets, so you know that the coffee machine Philips makes is always going to be the best one on offer.

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The coffee machine Philips has made produces a cup of black coffee, espresso, and hot water. So it’s possible to relegate your old eclectic kettle to the back of the cupboard, as even tea drinkers are accounted for. The milk frother means you’ll get that delicate silk texture that has previously only been possible with expensive Italian machines and well-trained baristas!

The touch display lets the user have full control over the strength of each cup. “My Coffee Choice” gives each person in the household the ability to select their own personal favourite.

The machine takes whole beans and grinds just before brewing. Philips have installed ceramic grinders in this machine, which are able to grind the beans on twelve different settings. Ultra fine is best for espresso; coarse ground might be a better choice for the serious coffee drinkers in the household. It can be a fun activity to try different levels of coarseness for each coffee: the flavour of the cup  depends on how much of the surface area of the coffee is hit by hot water. Learning is fun, especially when it results in finding out about something we put in our bodies every day!


Easy maintenance is absolutely key. It’s no good having a cafe-level espresso machine installed in your home, as the maintenance is specialised and difficult. That’s why something such as the coffee machine Philips offer is ideal for the home. The milk frother comes apart easily, while the brewing unit slips out of a side door and is cleaned with simple running water. For those in hard water areas, be assured that Philips own ‘AquaClean’ water filters prevent limescale, and up to 5000 cups of coffee can be made before the filter needs another quick clean.

To take the maintenance up a notch add a couple of packets of descaling liquid to your order, then you’ll always have it on hand for when cleaning is due.

A well maintained machine shouldn’t have any issues, but there’s also a 24 month warranty for your peace of mind.

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Little extras

Round out the Christmas present by making up a hamper of additional extras that mean this coffee machine Philips have created can be used from the get-go. Beautiful, chic glass coffee mugs, or else a range of new ceramics from a local potter; a taster set of single origin beans from around the world. Start Christmas day off with a cup of Ethiopian coffee, and end the festive feast with another, this time from Peru. These are the sorts of thoughtful touches that will be remembered for years to come.

Another little addition could be a set of Monin syrups. A seasonal set made up of peppermint, gingerbread, and amaretto is sure to make the most of the new coffee machine Philips have made. The ever-popular pumpkin spice may be a fall favourite, but it promises to be a winner in any case!


Opting to treat yourself and your household to a coffee machine Philips have produced is a smart way to put your money to its best use. High functionality and delicious coffee for a lower than average price point is a winning combination. Give your family the gift of a set of bags of coffee beans, flavourful additions for fun extras, and beautiful ceramics to accompany the machine, and they’ll be talking about it for years to come.


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