Cleaning firms, couriers and pharmacies tackle surge in demand

Commercial vehicle specialist Low Cost Vans has been helping these customers get extra vehicles on the road


Amid the economic disruption and business closures caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), some sectors of the economy are seeing a surge in demand.


Many cleaning companies, delivery business and pharmacies have been inundated with new inquiries and additional work as the crisis has worsened, something that has also meant a brighter spot for companies that supply these sectors.


Low Cost Vans, one of the UKs leading providers of commercial vehicles to every sector of the UK economy, says it has seen a sharp spike in demand from these sectors, as companies struggle to meet the needs of customers.


Rod Lloyd, Managing Director of Low Cost Vans, said:

“These are unprecedented times for the UK economy but the fact is that many businesses have to keep moving. From certain sectors, the number of inquiries we are getting has doubled or even tripled. Cleaning companies, couriers and pharmacies are inundated with additional work.


“Speaking to these customers, they are telling us that their main objective is helping the UK through some tough months ahead. But they are often struggling to get supplies and personnel in the right places at the right times to make a difference. For many of them, we have been able to get extra vehicles in place quickly and efficiently, which will also hopefully make a positive difference.


“We have also introduced a number of measures to help businesses of any description through these challenging times including additional discounts on certain vehicles, waiving admin fees associated with finance deals and always aiming to work towards offering achieving similar monthly payments as currently being paid by customers acquiring a similar vehicle. We have plenty of stock available across all vehicle types and will help customers in any way we can.”