Wooden furniture can look beautiful in your home while also lasting for generations. However, it will only stay in a good enough condition to pass down through your family if you can care for and maintain it well. Looking after wooden furniture can be difficult, though, especially in the midst of family life, and so this guide details the best ways that you can keep your wooden furniture spotless for many years to come.

·        Use Specialist Cleaning Products

The best way to look after your wooden furniture is to clean it regularly. However, you should not just use any old multipurpose cleaner to wash and wipe down your table with. Instead, you should look around for special cleaners and polishes that have been designed and adapted particularly for use on real wood. There are also many home remedies that you can make up to keep your wood pristine, including using baking powder to remove tough stains and opting to give your wooden furniture a glow-up with black tea.

·        Get Out the Duster

If you want to maintain your wood but do not have time to carry out a full cleaning routine every day, the least you can do is swipe your wooden furniture with a feather duster to keep off the dust. If you believe that you are ready to bring wood furniture into your home and that you know how to protect it, you should see what furniture the New Forest Joinery has to offer at newforestjoinery.co.uk, which produces a range of high-quality wooden pieces all year round.

·        Prevent Scratches and Stains

However, one of the top steps that you can take to keep your wooden furniture looking spectacular is to prevent it from getting damaged in the first place. Then, you should consider investing in a decorative tablecloth to place over your table throughout the day, especially if it is in the central hub of your home or if you have pets. You should also consider laying down placemats and coasters if you eat at the table and making sure that these are within easy reach throughout the day.

·        Keep Out of the Sun

Although you might long for sunny days, the sun can cause mighty damage to your wooden furniture in both summer and winter, leaving your wood discoloured and bleached. Then, you should consider placing your furniture away from the direct light of the sun and keeping blinds and curtains drawn during the day when the sun is at its highest. Not only this, but regular varnishing can give your furniture a protective layer that can help it to retain its gloss even under the glare of sunlight.

·        Wax Up Your Wood

Waxing your wood is incredibly important to maintain that gorgeous shine that made you fall in love with your furniture when you were choosing it. Not only can wax or oil allow your wood to gleam, but it can also protect it from water stains and moisture, which could gradually damage your furniture. It is also important to treat wood to keep out pests that could potentially nibble and burrow through your wood, leading to ugly holes and dents.

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