Corona Care Wales

The Welsh business community and housebound residents both need our support to survive the Coronavirus Crisis.

Therefore, for as long as needed, News from Wales will be supporting both by sharing information for local communities – so if you are a pub or cafe now doing deliveries, or are able to deliver essentials like milk, bread, toilet rolls, baby milk formula, nappies and women’s sanitary products, let us know and we’ll let your community know via our Corona Care Page.

We’ll also be sharing local Facebook groups and resources.  If you run a resource you’d like to share with your community, let us know.

Lastly – our community has never before needed so many volunteers willing to step up, whether talking on the phone to isolated people, helping deliver goods, helping prepare hot meals, so we’ll also be sharing appeals for volunteers by area.  Please help where you can.  We’re all in this together!

If you are providing a service, or need volunteers for a community project in your area, please let us know by emailing

Checkout the page for your area – and if there isn’t one yet, get in touch and we’ll start one (Wales only).