Council clarifies development status of former burial ground after concerns raised on social media

Bridgend County Borough Council has clarified its position regarding the potential sale of a privately-owned plot of land in the village of Coity.

The clarification is being offered following recent media coverage of the sale and subsequent discussion of the matter on social media.

The 1.3 acre plot, which is being advertised as having residential development potential, is understood to have been used as a burial ground for deceased patients of the former Parc Hospital.

As the hospital has since been demolished and replaced by HMP Parc, the plot now lies adjacent to the prison and existing local housing.

Cllr Richard Young, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “The current situation is that the council’s Draft Local Development Plan, which acts as the key document for determining where and what kind of development can take place, does not include this site, and it has no specific allocation.

“As part of the site lies outside the defined settlement boundary, any future application for housing would more than likely be opposed in principle by this authority. Furthermore, the existing highway network may not support the additional traffic generated by a residential development at this location, which could also have a negative impact.

“Finally, the plot’s status as a burial ground would be a significant constraint to any potential development, and could impact upon its viability. The Ministry of Justice maintains strict guidelines on the circumstances under which bodies can be exhumed, and would need to grant licences to do so before any development could proceed.

“I know that residents have been asking questions on what role the council may have in this matter, so I hope that this helps to clarify the situation.”