Council confirms its commitment towards better, fairer business

Bridgend County Borough Council has pledged its support towards the safeguarding of ethical employment, business and procurement practices which contribute to the local economy.

To help achieve this, the Cabinet has decided to sign up to the UK Steel Charter, which aims to boost the level of Welsh and UK-produced steel used in construction and infrastructure projects, and the Code of Practice for Ethical Employment in the Supply Chain, which helps to ensure that staff working in public sector supply chains are employed and treated fairly.

The council will adopt the principles of Welsh Government’s Foundation Economy Model, which seeks to establish better jobs which are located closer to local communities and ensure that wherever possible, money is spent locally when procuring goods, works and services.

As a member of the South East Wales Delivery Group, the council will work alongside partner organisations and suppliers to develop more collaborative agreements which provide greater value for money.

The authority will also adopt Welsh Government principles designed to ensure that contractors on large-scale projects of £2m or more set money aside for ensuring that sub-contractors are paid promptly and efficiently.

Deputy Leader, Cllr Hywel Williams, said:

“As a responsible employer, Bridgend County Borough Council wants to ensure that it conducts all areas of business in a fair and ethical manner.

“These commitments will help us to achieve this, and I hope that further organisations are encouraged to do likewise.”