Council to hear climate change tackling thoughts of pupils

School pupil’s views on tackling climate change will be heard by Denbighshire County Council

At a meeting of the Full Council on Tuesday the winning entries for the Council’s Postcards from the Future competition will be read out by Councillor Arwel Roberts, Chairman of Denbighshire County Council and Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport.

Pupils were asked to deliver a message back through time to help us understand how to create a better future for ourselves in the county and across the world.

The youngsters were asked to imagine we had moved to 2050 and send a postcard back to their younger selves to explain how climate change is potentially impacting on their lives.

Denbighshire County Council received a total of 350 entries for the competition and the winning entries were chosen by Zero Carbon Britain at The Centre for Alternative Technology from a competition designed to tackle climate change back from the future.

Cllr Mellor said: “It has been humbling to read all the amazing entries we have had, to see how concerned our younger generation is about climate change and how much they want to do something about it.

“The ideas, information, suggestions and just simple messages have been eye opening for all involved in this competition and we wanted to share the winners with fellow members to show how passionate our younger generation is about tackling climate change and inspire us to do even more for them.

Cllr Roberts added: “Our youngsters are the future of this county, their messages are inspiring and I hope we can take a lot away from this as a Council to encourage us to carry on with our own targets to tackle climate change to make a difference for the next generation.”

All winners will receive a selection of environmental books for the school, a talk from the County Council’s Biodiversity Team and a collection of plug plants to help create or improve a wildflower area.

The competition was also supported by the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) zero carbon Britain. CAT is an educational charity dedicated to researching and communicating positive solutions for environmental change.

A live broadcast of the Full Council meeting and agenda can be viewed online by using this link below.