Denbighshire County Council are urging people to be aware that new compulsory housing requirements will be introduced for poultry and captive birds in Wales.

From Friday the 2nd of December, it will be a legal requirement for all keepers to keep their birds indoors or otherwise separated from wild birds. Bird keepers are encouraged to prepare for the new measures, making sure housing is suitable, with the housed environment enhanced to help protect bird welfare.

Keepers should consult their vet for advice where needed and are being encouraged to register their birds with the proper authorities.

Councillor Win Mullen-James, Lead Member for Local Development and Planning said:

“These measures are crucially important to help prevent the spread. We encourage bird keepers to read up on the latest guidance to keep their flock and others safe this Winter.

“Registering your Birds is vital, even if you keep only a small flock”

There is a self-assessment form that poultry keepers can undertake themselves to check what they have in place:

To register your birds go to: