Bridgend County Borough Council is urging anyone who is planning to make a journey using public transport to check in advance with providers in case services have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Some public transport services are experiencing delays and in extreme cases are even having to be cancelled as a result of drivers having to self-isolate following potential exposure to people who have tested positive for Covid-19.

Even though the services are provided by private companies, staff at Bridgend bus station have reported that some disappointed passengers have become angry and abusive. 

Cllr Stuart Baldwin, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “This is a timely reminder that the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, and is continuing to impact upon our daily lives.

“Private bus companies are making every effort to provide services, but they also have to consider the well-being of staff and passengers as well.

“Given that the situation could change quickly and with little or no warning, I would strongly recommend that anyone who is planning to use public transport should check with the provider before they set off” 

“However, abusing council staff who have nothing to do with these decisions and are there to help and support you as best they can is unacceptable, and any future incidents will be reported to South Wales Police.”

You can find more information on service availability at the NatGroupFirst Cymru and Stagecoach websites