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Create a perfect baby pram set with Venicci

The most essential purchase for a newborn baby is undoubtedly the pram, as it will be used for daily walks and sometimes for afternoon naps. But what’s next? The list doesn’t end there. In this article, we will look at some other accessories you should equip your pushchair with to make every walk safe, enjoyable, and fun for both – your child and you.

Pram and accessories for the baby

Baby accessories are always the first thing to consider because little ones are the stars of every family outing. And what does every baby need for short and long trips to the park or out of town? Warmth, safety, and comfort, of course. The right accessories will provide all three of these.

Thermal comfort takes different forms depending on the season. In winter, it is about keeping warm, in summer – it is about keeping cool. So footmuffs work well in the first instance, while parasols are suitable for the second one.

What about safety? The pram for newborn itself is largely responsible for this, so it is worth investing in a high-quality model. However, you could go a step further in ensuring your baby’s safety by purchasing additional accessories such as a rain cover to protect your baby from rain and severe weather conditions all year round. Additionally, mosquito nets can help keep insects away and keep your baby comfortable and bite-free.

Finally, let’s talk about comfort. While all of the previously mentioned accessories increase your child’s comfort, some extras are specifically designed to ensure maximum comfort. Pram mattresses, for example, ensure a pleasant journey for your baby, so they are a valuable addition.

Pram accessories designed for parents

The second important group of accessories are those designed and created specifically for parents. After all, your comfort is important too, because a happy parent is a happy child. t Venicc wei understand this, so we have created a series of products to make your daily strolls even more relaxing.

What is on this list?

Of course, the above list is not exhaustive – the possibilities are almost endless – but we know from experience that these three elements impact day-to-day walking comfort most. However, if you want to be even better prepared, having spare pushchair wheels and changing mats is a good idea, so you’re always prepared for any situation.

We have also written a special article for parents who are still hungry for knowledge and looking for additional advice on how to prepare for their baby’s arrival: “preparing for parenthood – essential tips for new parents”. Read it today!

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