Denbighshire County Council Supports Scam Awareness Fortnight


Denbighshire County Council is supporting the Scam Awareness campaign which is being run by Citizens Advice until the 27th June.

This campaign is run annually to help people understand how to recognise a scam, how to report it to the appropriate agency and how to share their experiences to raise public awareness.

There has been an increase in scams since the pandemic. Fraudsters have been taking advantage of the extra pressure that people are already under by using scams relating to coronavirus.

Citizens Advice found in June 2020 that in the first three months of the first lockdown over a third of British adults had been the target of a scam.

Cllr Mark John Young, Cabinet Lead Member for Planning, Public Protection, Safer Communities and Domestic Abuse said:

‘It is very important that we raise awareness of scams to inform people about how to protect themselves.

‘Although we can help reduce scams, it is unfortunately impossible to put a stop to them completely. The information in this campaign gives people the opportunity to educate themselves to help prevent themselves becoming a victim.

‘The more educated people are about recognising, reporting and raising awareness of scams, the less chance people will be caught out by them. Anyone can fall victim to a scam so I would urge everyone to read the information provided in this campaign.’

If you think someone might be trying to scam you, it’s important to act straight away. If you need advice and support you can call the Citizens Advice consumer service on 0808 223 1133 or visit You should also report scams or suspected scams to Action Fraud.