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Dobbies’ Swansea store celebrates the start of summer with free events for children

Dobbies, the UK’s leading garden centre, is announcing summer workshops in its Swansea store to celebrate the  start of summer. The Little Seedlings Club workshop will teach children how to look after the garden with the  warmer temperatures, and Dobbies’ Holiday Club workshop is about the different herbs and microgreens that can  help your pizza taste great.  

Suitable for children aged 4-10, these free and interactive sessions in Swansea are guaranteed to keep them busy  during the school holidays and encourage them to discover more about nature.  

Taking place on Sunday 2 July, the Little Seedlings Club workshop is set to be fun-filled and educational with a  focus on how to effectively conserve water when looking after the garden this summer. Children will learn about  the fascinating water cycle in plants and why plants need our help to stay green and lush, particularly during the  hotter months. 

Dobbies’ horticultural experts will teach the children in Swansea when to water the plants and how to preserve  water usage through sustainable mulching and planting drought-resistant species like Cordyline, Lavender and  Hebe. Mulching not only saves water but also suppresses weeds, provides nutrients to the plants and enhances  the overall appearance of the garden. 

Dobbies’ Holiday Club takes place from the start of July where children will learn about the different herbs and  microgreens that can be used as pizza toppings. The Holiday Club session will show the difference herbs can make  to a pizza, adding bold or subtle flavours as well as having nutritional value. The children in attendance will also  learn how to grow herbs and microgreens at home with ease.  

Dobbies’ Community and CSR Communications Executive, Chloë Bell said: “We are excited to be hosting two  fantastic sessions for kids in our Swansea store this summer. Not only are these sessions a great way to keep  children entertained and busy during the holidays, but it’s a great chance for them to meet friends and try  something new. If you haven’t already checked out our free sessions, please do come along this July and get  involved.”

Advance booking is required to secure a free spot at July’s Little Seedlings Club workshop and Pizza Planting  Holiday Club. The Holiday Club will run throughout the school holidays and customers are encouraged to visit the  Dobbies’ website for booking as each store’s availability differs.  

For more information on how children can participate, visit: Events | Dobbies Garden Centres

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