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Dogs 4 Wildlife and Connected Planet to undertake one of the UK’s hardest treks, to enable South African children to see wildlife for the first time

The students from Glen Park Primary school, Bushlands, Hluhuwe at Bonamanzi Game Reserve

Dogs 4 Wildlife and Connected Planet to undertake one of the UK’s hardest treks, to enable South African children to see wildlife for the first time, in an area where less than 2% of rural youth have ever been inside a game reserve or seen a rhino.

Connected Planet and Dogs 4 Wildlife are teaming up for an exhilarating endurance adventure across Snowdonia National Park, ‘The Welsh 3000s’, at the end of May- one of the hardest treks in the UK, across the top 15 peaks in Wales, all above 3000ft.

Young pupil’s delight at seeing an elephant in the wild for the first time

This epic endurance adventure is to raise funds for the ‘Siyafunda Ngemvelo’  (*we learn in nature in Zulu) environmental education programme in the heart of Zululand, where less than 2% of rural youth have been inside a wildlife reserve or seen a rhino…

Thanks to Connected Planet and Dogs 4 Wildlife, over sixty children and their teachers have already passed through the gates of Bonamanzi Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natal, to connect with, and learn about some of Africa’s most iconic and endangered wildlife.

Despite living in close proximity to the reserve, for all the pupils and teachers, this will be the first opportunity they have had to visit and see the animals and nature.

Every penny raised from this challenge will help to make a difference to the lives of these incredible children and inspire them to love and protect their endangered wildlife  for future generations, thus becoming future wildlife rangers rather than future poachers.

Dermot Kavanagh, Co-Founder of Connected Planet, who will be completing the challenge, said; “The trek is over 40km and around 4000m of elevation, that’s half of Mount Everest!

“It also includes the infamous knife-edge ridge of Crib Goch. And the best bit, we will be aiming to complete it in less than 24 hours!”


Darren Priddle Co-Founder and Director of Dogs 4 Wildlife, also completing the challenge, said, “The Siyafunda 3000s will be a huge mental and physical test that will push our team to the max. Upon completion, we will have completed one of the toughest hikes in the UK…”

The physical challenge of 15 peaks is gruelling – but the team are determined!

The first three trips into the reserve, as part of the ‘Siyafunda Ngemvelo’ programme, launched earlier this year and an ongoing conservation club at Glen Park has started, to continue the learning from the trips. Under the guidance of local guides, students will learn everything from species identification, through to ecology and pollution through to climate change.

Not only do these students get a chance to explore the reserve on a game viewer, they also learn about its importance and why we must protect all wildlife.


Darren Priddle said: “We are extremely proud to be able to contribute towards our future generations understanding of the need to conserve and protect our diverse and wonderful natural environment.

“We aim to create future wildlife rangers with a passion for conservation and sustainability, helping to further promote the protection of our amazing world.”

Inspiring a love of wildlife in local young people will inspire a future generation to protect animals and become rangers

Dermot Kavanagh, said, “ Many children in South Africa have never visited a game reserve or National Park before.

“This is despite lots of them living in close proximity to these incredible places, all over the country. Although tourists come from all over the world to see wildlife such as lions, elephants and rhinos, many South Africans will never get that chance.

“Up until now, it has been no different for the pupils at Glen Park Primary School… How can we inspire children to protect and conserve what they know nothing of and have never experienced?”


Together, Dogs 4 Wildlife and Connected Planet have sponsored and funded the following for this amazing project;

✔️ Return transport bus for the children from their school to Bonamanzi

✔️ Entry into the amazing Bonamanzi Game Reserve

✔️ Lunch for the 20 students and teacher

✔️ 2 Game Drives to experience the diversity of Bonamanzi’s wildlife

✔️ Experienced and qualified field guide to ignite the passion in the children

✔️ Conservation Club, which will enable further learning and support each week with an experienced and passionate member of the community providing lessons to the student groups on conservation and the environment.

Every penny will help to make a difference to the lives of these incredible children and inspire them to love and protect their endangered wildlife  for future generations – please donate via the link below if you can:

For more information and to help please contact or visit to donate



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Deploying anti-poaching dogs and K9 units is a crucial part of conservation efforts in Africa.  With a long term committed view to assisting in the protection and continuation of endangered species, Dogs 4 Wildlife are a highly experienced team of knowledgeable, dedicated animal lovers with a commitment to wildlife conservation. With 15 operational dogs across 4 Southern African countries, The Dogs 4 Wildlife K9’s help achieve up to a 75% reduction in poaching numbers

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