Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Software Providers

Online casino software providers are specialized companies that develop casino games and gambling platforms. Here’s what you should know.

Online Casino Software Providers: Peeking Behind The Online Gambling Industry Curtains

The early days of online gambling saw casino operators slowly dipping their toes in untested waters. Nowadays, the situation is quite different, thanks to some of the most reputable online casino software developers. You’d struggle to find similarities between today’s operators and those that were around at the beginning. Take keno as an example: table games such as this one can be found at numerous casinos. But, that wasn’t always the case.

Online casinos today use highly sophisticated and advanced software to provide more and better gaming. Players have a vast array of different games and categories to choose from. Additionally, unique gameplay is incomparably more immersive thanks to technological advancements. The driving force behind the online gambling industry’s global development is the gaming software providers. Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about them.


Online Casino Software Providers: Who They Are & What Made Them Famous

Specialist gaming companies create and improve existing casino software. These businesses are among the most significant reasons why gambling industry software is so sophisticated and safe nowadays.

Casino operators outsource the software to these businesses, although some casinos still develop their own platforms. These platforms exist under the name “proprietary” software, but most of the industry relies on outsourcing to benefit from a diverse game range. Join us as we inspect some of the biggest names in this field:


  • NextGen Gaming
  • Betsoft
  • Williams Interactive (WMS)
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Amaya Gaming
  • International Gaming Technology
  • Net Entertainment
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • Real Time Gaming.


NextGen Gaming

If you enjoy online slots and boast reels experience under your belt, you’ve likely played a NextGen Gaming slot. The company’s origins trace back to 1999 and the industry’s early beginnings. NextGen quickly lifted off and found a way to supply its creations to numerous online operators.

Industry peers and players alike have been kind to the company’s efforts and graced it with numerous awards along the way. NextGen’s portfolio today numbers hundreds of different titles.



This company is among the most reputable online casino software providers in the world. Betsoft’s creations are among the most high-tech industry achievements, which has become synonymous with this developer.

If you see a casino game with jaw-dropping animation and 3D graphics, chances are you’re looking at a Betsoft game. The company has a vast portfolio featuring various table games and video poker titles, but it’s their revolutionary slots that most players know them for.


Williams Interactive (WMS)

If it’s reputation and a track record you need to try a casino game, you should consider WMS. The company’s industrial background goes back as far as the 1940s and the origins of the pinball industry. Gaming has always been a priority for Williams Interactive, and they’ve been around in one form or another through the years.

During the 1980s and 1990s, WMS Industries created numerous popular video games. The company decided to also involve in online gambling games and formed a subsidiary called Williams Interactive as a result.


Evolution Gaming

Live dealer casino game enthusiasts will have heard about this company. Evolution Gaming is a leading specialist in this field of the industry despite only being several years old. Regardless, the company quickly landed contracts with significant casino operators.

Evolution is the first choice of most new casinos when it comes to top-tier online casino software providers. There’s hardly an online casino operating today that doesn’t incorporate at least some company products. This developer was also among the first to provide mobile live games, making it a true industry pioneer.


Amaya Gaming

Even though this company today operates under the name Stars Group, it is still among the leading software casino providers. Examples of the company’s reputation include brand names like BetStars, Pokerstars Casino, Pokerstars, etc.

Pokerstars is one of the largest online poker rooms today and is the company’s main asset. Stars Group is among the most heavily licensed gaming companies and operates across 17 jurisdictions.


International Gaming Technology

This company also has a long history in the gaming business. IGT is today among the most famous and reputable online casino software providers and dates back to 1971. In its early days, IGT supplied gaming machines to brick-and-mortar casinos.

The company also delved into developing player management tools but then decided to focus on online gaming even more. IGT is a household name in the online gambling industry today and supplies software to countless venues.


Net Entertainment

NetEnt is the colloquial name for this legendary operator founded in 1996 and is a prime example of a success story. A major Scandinavian land-based casino operator founded NetEnt in ‘96 and ensured its steady growth.

Today, the company provides online operators worldwide with a vast range of casino games. Most of NetEnt’s offering entails slots, but there are other game categories as well. If you’ve frequented some of the best-known and most important gambling sites in the world, you’ve probably played a NetEnt creation.



This game developer doesn’t need an additional introduction because it is synonymous with casino software. Microgaming is one of the quintessential online casino software providers and started by operating and owning a secure online casino.

However, at one point, the company decided to supply other casinos with software permanently. Games were an inevitable part of its portfolio and simultaneously became one of its most identifiable aspects. Microgaming still regularly crafts unique and innovative gaming titles.



If you’re looking for giants in the online gambling industry, you’ll struggle to find a more well-known name than this operator. Playtech supplies numerous online casinos with innovative games and simultaneously owns and operates a successful iPoker network.

Playtech’s creations include a vast library of exciting gaming titles, but the company gained a planetary reputation for its slot games. Marvel Comics-themed slot games are among the most famous examples of this company’s creative repertoire.


Real Time Gaming

This company is another entry on the list better known for its abbreviation RTG. The online gambling boom represented an alluring opportunity for the then young business. The American state of Georgia was RTG’s home when it launched in 1998, but the company subsequently moved its HQ to Costa Rica.

Slots games carry the RTG torch, but this company is also behind numerous other casino gaming titles. It’s exciting that RTG is one of the few online casino software providers that supply US-friendly online gambling operators.