FBM Holidays notes 201% rise in Carmarthenshire Bookings

FBM Holidays, a local holiday letting agency, have seen a dramatic rise in the number of holiday letting enquiries in Carmarthenshire over the last 12 months.

The firm has seen a 201% rise in the number of holiday homes in the Carmarthenshire portfolio, and a total rise of 138% in booking enquiries.

FBM Holidays Carmarthenshire-based holiday let expert, Louise Rozhon has said,

It’s been an incredible year for growth in Carmarthenshire. Not only have we seen a rise in properties, and therefore bookings, but the variety of properties and areas of holiday letting has been interesting to see. We have taken on some fantastic rural gems, some seaside chalets and even some properties close to Carmarthen town.

“We’re expecting over the next year or so, to see even further increases in Staycations and Wales holiday bookings, given the uncertainty in the international travel markets. Recent troubles with Thomas Cook as well as the Euro exchange rates have driven up bookings in West Wales, and we can see there will be a need for more holiday properties to fulfil demand.”

Louise joined FBM Holidays as a local property professional, and has helped new property owners who are coming to the market with guidance on gradings, legislation and with bringing holiday homes to the market.

With the general increase in Carmarthenshire-based bookings standing at around 58%, this has also had a notable impact on businesses in the area, with visitors using more facilities, restaurants and attractions. With this in mind, FBM Holidays are planning to increase the presence of Carmarthenshire businesses on their brand new website, so help facilitate guest expectations and bring a stronger link between them as an agency, and the many fantastic shops, cafes and services on offer locally.