Forget Blue Monday – these adorable animal pictures will make you smile

These binturong look like they can do no wrong!

This macaroni penguin wants you to have a great day. So much so, it has its beak crossed for you

Whether you buy into the concept of ‘Blue Monday’ or not, Christmas has passed, we’re all back at work, it’s a bit cold and holiday season is still a long way off – so anything that can lift our mood is most welcome.  Therefore, in the spirit of sharing smiles. we hope you enjoy this cuteness overload!

Folly Farm, the 120-acre zoo in Pembrokeshire, has released uplifting images of some of their 750 animals including retired sloths Tuppee and Lightcap, the first critically endangered eastern black rhino ever born in Wales, and two binturong aptly named Pop and Corn for their unique-smelling coats, in the hope of sharing smiles – after all, who doesn’t need a bit of cuteness in their day!

Enjoy and share with your friends and workmates!