Wash Cycle hopes to offer free, delivered laundry for the elderly, homeless and people in care during coronavirus crisis

Kind-hearted business owner, Jonathan Day, owner of Wash Cycle, is crowdfunding to enable the business to provide 3,000 free collection and delivery washes for local vulnerable communities during the coronavirus crisis.

Wash Cycle offers an ‘On Demand’ laundry service that is both environmentally-friendly and tackles the proposed congestion charge in Cardiff head-on.  Jonathan explains:

“With the increasing restrictions of the CoronaVirus, people will soon be unable to get to their local launderettes.  Not everyone has a washing machine and those who use launderettes are often elderly and /or vulnerable, so they are unlikely to be able to access this service in the current climate.

“Our collection and delivery service will prevent them from having to wear and sleep in in dirty laundry which may have been exposed to the virus – and we are also supporting other customers with a 40% discount on our laundry services, as hygiene and cleanliness are especially important at this time.”

Jonathan also hopes to support the environment where he can.  As well as encouraging re-use of plastic bags where possible, the company plans to take part in offset.earth as the company grows. Offset.earth plants trees on your behalf every month in order to help offset your carbon footprint. Jonathan explains:

“As Wash Cycle grows, we will donate 12 trees to be planted every month for every employee working with us.   Our service will also reduce the amount of cars on the road, is more efficient than a home wash and we help our customers avoid purchasing dozens of detergent boxes each year, while I refill our larger containers of Vegan certified, ‘cruelty-free’ detergents from our local ‘bio-d’ detergent distributor.”

For more information,  please visit the company’s crowdfunding page:  https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/washcyclecrowdfunder