The Best Arcades in Wales for Old School Gaming and Entertainment

Wales has a reputation for owning some of the best gaming arcades worldwide. These arcades feature some of the most popular retro arcade games made and played in the 80s and 90s for both the old and young at heart.

Arcade games were the in-thing several decades ago. However, they haven’t lost their appeal as people still frequent these establishments to enjoy their favourite youth days’ arcade games. In Wales, you will find three types of amusement arcades, including:

  • Licensed family entertainment establishments
  • Adult gaming establishments
  • Unlicensed family entertainment establishments

These types of arcades offer players various types of gaming machines. Only people older than 18 years can enter adult gaming centres or the adult section in any licensed entertainment establishment.

Playing Slot Machines at Arcades

Apart from retro games, you can expect to find slot machines in Wales’ gaming arcades. Slot machines are prevalent worldwide, which is why you wouldn’t miss them at the gaming arcades. These machines give you a chance to insert coins and spin the reels for a chance to win some sweet cash.

These slot machines are only available in the adult gaming centres or licensed family gaming centres in the adults-only section. You will find skill-based slots, which are a new breed of slots. Unlike the traditional slot machines, these offer players some leeway to determine their results. You can, therefore walk away with more money if you perform well in your bonus round. These skill-based slot machines are based on older arcade games.

Can I play Arcade Games Online?

Yes, all modern arcade games developed from 2010 onwards use integrated circuits, electronics, and cathode ray tube screens. Many have been upgraded into PC hardware and video game consoles. You will even find some arcade games adapted for smartphone apps. Such games include “Candy Crush,” among others. With technology advancement, virtual reality has also been integrated into the modern arcade games’ market.

Although nothing can beat the thrill that comes from playing old school games in arcades, things have changed, and now people are demanding more. They want the reliability of playing their childhood days at the comfort of their homes. This means bringing the games to their hand-held devices and PCs.

Today, you can download free classic arcade games for free and enjoy playing them. They can also opt to play them online directly from their computers without downloading any app. Also, there are video consoles for these games. You can now enjoy your favourite game while commuting, travelling or relaxing at home. All you need is your device and a stable internet connection. These games are easy and exciting to play, and they will keep you entertained, especially during the current lockdown.

Playing Old School Slot Games Online

Online casino gaming has advanced tremendously over a couple of decades. However, old school slot games remain relevant and a favourite for many people. There are some great feeling and satisfaction that comes from playing a few classic three-reel slot games online.

Technology has made online slots more complex with 3D slots taking the experience to a whole new level. However, amidst this revolution, old school slot games are still thriving. With players expecting VR slot games to take over in the future, you can still enjoy playing a three-reel slot game at online casinos to relive your golden gaming.

It doesn’t mean that you have to settle for mediocre three-reel games. There are numerous exciting new versions of these old school games that come with features that can put modern slot games to shame. The graphics are simple, but you will also enjoy easy gameplay. These games are available at most online casinos too.

The Bottom Line

The UK is known as the betting haven as they have permissive gambling laws. You will also find numerous arcades where you can enjoy playing old school games that are entertaining for the whole family. If you visit Wales, be sure to visit these arcades and enjoy playing your favourite childhood games. You will love the experience as you interact with the locals and get some time off your screens.

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