Ways in which we use our smartphones for entertainment

Smartphones have become one of the most innovative inventions of the modern age. There is virtually nothing that you can’t do with that small device in your hand called a smartphone. Smartphones are now part of our everyday lives.

There are many cool things you can do with your phone and entertainment is just one part of it. From video streaming, mobile gaming, social media etc. The smartphone to me is the most popular wonder of the world. Alexander Nereng is our expert who would give her ideas on how smartphones can be used for entertainment. You can also view her profile here

The smartphone industry is a popular and competitive one for that matter with Samsung and Apple being the top players. Other companies in this industry include Nokia, Xiaomi, LG. Their flagship phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Apple Iphone 12 pro, Xiaomi Mi 10T pro carry amazing features.

These gadgets possess the best features from crazy cameras with high pixels, lots of memory space, latest chipsets, big battery etc. In terms of internet connectivity and data transfer speeds, the 5G network is one compared to none. So with your smartphone in your hand, everything is within your control. The question is how can phones be used for entertainment? Let me help you answer that with these points below.

Social media: If this multi-billion dollar platform is not mentioned first as our number one means of entertainment with our smartphones then probably there is a mistake somewhere. As of 2019 according to Statista, 86% of Norwegian population were active users of social networks ( Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok etc.) Norway ranked third among the Nordic countries with 3.8 million social media users.

The main players in the social media world are the likes of Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook. If you have a smartphone in your hand one way or the other you must be connected to the crazy frenzy in the social media world. As much as you get a lot of information and get connected with family and friends on social media, be aware that it both has its advantages and disadvantages.

Online Gaming: PUBG, Call of Duty, Blackjack, online poker etc. We could keep mentioning as many as possible. Playing games online has evolved in many ways and using your smartphone device to access this world brings so much fun to players.

Gaming online now involves a community of players who interact with each other through different online games. The provision of mobile gaming apps means that with your smartphone device you can literally have access to any game online and play it, interacting with other people.

Mobile gambling is not left out as it is still a part of online gaming. The provision of online casino games and sites like Norwegian norske casino has given people so much comfort and choice when it comes to placing their favorite bets through these games. Your smartphone can now serve you as a pocket casino where you win real money by playing various casino games like poker, slots, baccarat, blackjack.

Sports betting has become very common and every sport betting site has a mobile app made available for smartphone devices. Download the app and place your bets on your favorite sporting events going on in the world. The enjoyment and fun is unlimited when we use our smartphones for online gaming.

Watching videos: The latest movie was just released and you are wondering how to watch it? That should not be a problem with your smartphone device in your hand. It is not until you visit a cinema now before you can watch a trending movie. Access to such is made possible through your mobile phone. Whether it is through popular video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon, Disney, HBO. They give you access to unlimited movies.

Time, money, stress is saved as you make use of your smartphone by downloading or streaming these videos. It’s even simpler when a friend that has downloaded already can easily send it to you through mobile sharing apps like Xender.


There is so much fun and entertainment we can derive from the use of our phones. Ensure that you practice online safety and beware of fraudulent activities going on in the internet space.

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